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Trips // 6 Hours In New York

Hello! I am back. I tried ever so hard to blog when I was on my holiday but I guess eating far too much fatty foods, the time difference and a 2 week-long jet-lag just got in the way. 

For those that don't know, I went on holiday to Washington DC and managed to squeeze a very short, 6 hour trip to New York in. When I have been to New York before I have always been for days on end and thought that was the way to go but actually? 6 hours in New York was plenty. I have been to New York a couple of times now but there was one main attraction for me, a reason for the trip. I wanted to go to the top of the Rockafeller Centre and get a good Instagram photo. There, I said it. And achieved it. 

We went to New York from Washington DC by bus and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was when I saw the famous skyline when we were coming into the city. I tried really hard to get a good photo of the highly photogenic skyline but it was hard when Aldi and IKEA kept getting in the way. 

On our first stop was a trip to the east to fit in a private tour of the United Nations building. I have been on a tour there before on a school trip (yes, I went to New York on a 'business studies' school trip - we literally spent 30 minutes in Wall Street and that was the educational side dealt with) but it was the generic tour. This time it was a private tour where I had the opportunity to visit rooms you aren't usually allowed to be in which was pretty cool/weird. I even managed to sit at the seat behind the United Kingdom placard which was rather cool and an obvious photo opportunity to brag to my Facebook friends about. (It's not what you know but who you know..)

Afterwards I went to the top of the Rockafeller Centre on my own so no chance of a particularly arty Insta pic of myself peering through the binoculars in a fetching bright pink coat.. Instead, it was about -5 degrees, windy as hell and my eyes and nose were running faster than Mo Farrah. Probably best there was no-one with me for that Instagram photo after all, huh? Although, I do have to admire the two girls at the top wearing bright pink and yellow jackets having a photo shoot between themselves whilst maintaining perfect blow-dried hair. I can only admire you, ladies. 

We also managed to squeeze in a few moments watching the ice skaters outside the Rockafeller Centre, push past the busy crowds of Times Square, raid the Anastastia Beverly Hills stand in Macy's and inadvertently join a queue for the Jimmy Fallon show. It was certainly a busy few hours and I can't say I wasn't glad to get back on the bus to DC, even if I did have to endure sitting next to an open-mouthed crisp-munching, crab stick-gnawing girl listening to Kanye West with no headphones plugged in for 4 hours...



  1. Lucky you! I did New York a few years back and it is such a wonderful inspiring city!

    Love your photos

    Laura | www.dramaqueenconfessions.com

  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love New York and really want to book another trip. I went in the Summer last time so I want to do Christmas next time.


  3. Looks like you squeezed a hell of a lot of stuff into just 6 hours in the NY! Your pics make me really wanna go now.. they look worthy to be sent as postcards! xx


  4. your photography is beautiful! Lovely pictures, i felt like i was right there in NYC with you.