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Review // MAC Eyeshadow in Knight Divine

When October and my birthday comes round, I send my sister my all-important MAC wishlist. It is a very lengthy list. A list in which she can have full reign over, bearing in mind that she sticks completely to the list and doesn't wander off it. Every year we send each other a list and as long as we get a couple of items off of it then we are both more than happy and the list can continue for Christmas and the next year. Yes, we really are that sad.

This past Christmas saw me receive an eyeshadow that was on my list, a shade which could not be more different to my daily neutral toned eyeshadows. The eyeshadow I received was the MAC Eyeshadow in Knight Divine. Knight Divine is a cool and frosty metallic grey shade with a silver frosted sheen which is perfect for achieving a smokey eye. Whilst it isn't necessarily a shade I will be wearing every day to work, it is definitely a much-needed eyeshadow to add to my collection. 

I have a fair few MAC Eyeshadows now and I can't really think of any bad things to say about them. They can have slight fallout sometimes but again, it is nothing too awful. I know MAC Eyeshadows are fairly pricey at £13.00 each but they last so long and are so pigmented, it makes them truly worth every penny. 

When paired with my beloved and holy-grail MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, Knight Divine lasts all day long without creasing, wearing, fading or transferring. I did have some fallout underneath my eyes but as long as it stays put on the eyelids then I don't mind too much. I never wear eyeshadows without a primer/paint pot underneath so I can't comment on how they last without one but once again I am utterly impressed with MAC, their pigmentation and longevity! 



  1. This shade looks gorgeous! I have to check it out!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. That's such a cute idea I want to do this with my twin! I bet the shade looks amazing on esp smoked out xx


  3. Oh I really want to get painterly, I've currently got bare study but I want something a little less shimmery too. Knight Divine looks gorgeous though, especially for a nice night out.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  4. Loving the colour!
    Jabeen x