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Review // KIKO Milano Mat Fluid

I recently visited my first ever KIKO store and felt like a kid in a sweet shop. I ended up purchasing a cream eyeshadow, an eyeliner and a mattifying fluid which I have been using every day since purchasing. I didn't know much about KIKO before I stepped foot in there store and bought a few items I liked the look of  without reading any reviews beforehand. Fortunately, this product definitely does not disappoint! The product I am talking about is the KIKO Milano Mat Fluid.

About the KIKO Milano Mat Fluid:
"Ultra-mattifying and moisturising fluid, ideal for combination and oily skins. Thanks to the innovative K2mat-release, complex of hi-tech ingredients, Mat Fluid blends into the skin and evens it out whilst visibly reducing shiny areas and blemishes."

Firstly I really like the simple lilac outer packaging which houses the 50ml bottle of product. The bottle is even simpler which I really like - it makes it look much more expensive than it actually is. You can easily dispense the product with the little pump dispenser which I much prefer to the typical squeezy tube as I feel you have more control over how much product you can dispense. There's nothing more annoying than pumping out a few spots of product, applying it then having half of the product left over on the back of your hand. 

The KIKO Milano Mat Fluid is white and creamy in consistency whilst being fairly lightweight. It isn't rich or heavy on the skin and soaks in within minutes. At the moment my skin is incredibly dry, especially on my cheeks, so I have been after a product to help combat the dryness and fortunately, this product has really helped. I apply it once a day, just before I start doing my make-up and I use it as a moisturiser. It does exactly what it claims, it moisturises whilst mattifying the skin - leaving it completely ready for make-up.

I really like this mattifying fluid and I will definitely repurchase! It is a lovely lightweight moisturiser which completely takes away any shine from the face whilst leaving it ready for the application of make-up. I think I paid £5.70 for this in the sale which is fairly reasonable, especially when you only need a couple of small pumps to cover the entire face so the 50ML bottle will last you a while.

KIKO Milano Mat Fluid - £5.70 



  1. Love this moisturiser! x

  2. I'm really interested by Kikos skincare line.. this sounds good and so affordable! I tried they're perfecting serum and wasn't really impressed xx