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Review // B. Sculpted Blush & Highlighter Stick in Light

My sister bought this product for me for Christmas and it's taken me quite a while to get round to trying it out. Whilst my sister and I are twins, we are very much different. Chalk and cheese, Boots and Superdrug. I'm more Boots and she's more Superdrug. The product she purchased for me is the B. Sculpted Blush & Highlighter Stick which is exclusive to Superdrug, as is the brand. As I hardly ever venture into Superdrug, I am not too familiar with the brand B. Sculpted but when I saw I had received this for Christmas, I was really looking forward to giving it a go.

About the B. Sculpted Blush & Highlighter Stick:
"B. Sculpted with a handy dual blush and highlighter in one. Creates a flush of colour to cheeks and highlights cheekbones in one slick sweep."

The idea of this highlighter and blush stick is that you glide it across your cheekbones, highlight side up to achieve a flush of colour. I really like the idea of this but in theory, I am not so sure. Available in three different shades, Light, Medium and Dark, my sister definitely chose well in the shade light as I really like peachy coral blush shade however, I firmly believe the highlight is the best part of this product. It is a beautiful shimmery silver which really is the perfect highlighting shade.

First up, let's talk about the packaging. Look how beautiful it is! I absolutely love the rose gold packaging which looks so luxurious and beautiful. It is definitely a product to have on show! I always feel sad when I have to put it back in my make-up bag. The blush & highlighter stick is retractable which is easy to control via the little wheel at the bottom of the packaging. The blush and highlighter are very much cream based which makes them easy to apply to the face although they do feel fairly soft in the stick. Sturdy, they aren't going to melt anytime soon, but soft all the same.

I applied the duo stick after applying my foundation and at first I wasn't too sure how much I should apply or how firmly I should press it onto the skin. I didn't want to apply too much product, purely because I am not much of a blusher fan. Whilst I enjoy the occasional corally cheek, I enjoy a hint of colour and not a full on bold block of colour so I do find the blush section of this stick fairly intimidating. Once applied though it blends in fairly easily with the fingers although I can't imagine myself using this side of the stick too often. Although that said, I might change my mind when summer rolls back round!

The best part of this products is most definitely the highlighter. It is so beautiful, so creamy and shimmery. It is the perfect highlighter shade and it is such a shame that it is attached to the blush. A few times I have wanted to use just the highlighter but have struggled due to the corally pink blush side getting in the way. I wish they would make the highlighter a solo product as I would most definitely buy it! It reminds me of my beloved Collection 2000 Face & Body Illuminator in Maldives which I utterly adored.

Whilst I like this duo stick, I am not sure how I feel about it. I absolutely love the packaging and the product is really easy to apply, blends in like a dream and lasts all day long but I can't see myself using the blush side too often. Instead, I would use the highlighter side all day long but it is hard to do when it is attached to the blush colour. I find that I end up getting the corally pink blush on my face regardless. I can see myself using the product as a whole a lot more in the summer but for now, I just want the highlighter!

Exclusively at Superdrug


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  1. Sounds like a weird combo i've heard of a bronzer/ highlighter but never a blush/ highlighter stick.. the highlighter looks unreal.. but it would look amazing on plus that packaging is gorgeous xx