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Review // The Perfect Scent For Valentine's Day With Debenhams

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and whilst I don't have anyone special to buy for, that doesn't mean I am not going to treat myself or others. Valentine's Day is a great excuse for treating yourself, a loved one or family and friends - but what do you buy them? Whilst I can't speak for everyone, I do know what would want to receive for Valentine's Day and at the top of my list would be perfume.

I have teamed up with Debenhams to show you the best perfume related gift ideas to give you some inspiration this Valentine's Day. Debenhams have hundreds of perfumes and aftershaves to offer and with big brands such as Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Chloe, you are bound to find the perfect gift for a loved one.

The lovely people from Debenhams have very kindly sent me the Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume* to try out and oh my goodness, I was so excited when I recieved this! I have never tried any perfume from Calvin Klein before, nor had I realised they had released so many. Debenhams currently sells 98 different Calvin Klein beauty products at the moment so you are almost certain to find a special gift for a loved one from their vast range of products. Fortunately for me, they have sent me the most perfect gift for not just me, but my Mum too!

About the Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume:
"Euphoria by Calvin Klein for her is an exciting combination of scents that seduces the wearer into a perfect scent of Euphoria. Euphoria has top notes of pomnegranate and persimmon. It has a heart of dewy lotus blossom, champaca flower and black orchid, and a dry down of liquid amber, black violet and mahogany wood."

As I sit and type this I keep smelling Euphoria on my wrist and I really cannot find the words to express how much I adore this scent. It is such a grown up, elegant scent - one which I am quite unfamilar with. Before writing this post I decided to have a look through my perfume collection and I have realised that most of them are probably aimed at the younger generation and whilst there is nothing wrong with that, this scent is definitely not childlike. It is grown up, sophisticated, charming and woody. I have a real struggle when it comes to describing fragrances but Euphoria by Calvin Klein has a very oriental woody scent. It's just wonderful.

The packaging to Euphoria by Calvin Klein is utterly unique and interesting. The bottle definitely stands out when it is on the shelf, let me tell you! It reminds me of a little boat but I am sure there is some fancy name for the shape of the bottle. 

I have been wearing Euphoria for a few days now and it is so long-lasting. I usually struggle to find a perfume that I can still smell a few hours after first spraying onto the body and this is noticeable well into the day still which is great, plus everyone I have walked past has complimented me on it too! If I thought I was a big fan of this perfume then I definitely have some competition when it comes to my Mother. She has said she likes it so much so many times now that the hint has well and truly been taken, so much so that I am going to order her the 100ML bottle, just to stop her from taking mine. 

I am so happy to have tried out something that I wouldn't have normally thought about trying. The Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume has instantly become a firm favourite and I will definitely be buying a bigger bottle. It will most definitely make the most perfect Valentine's Day present for a loved one, albeit the perfume or the aftershave. If you haven't tried it yet then don't take my word for it - head straight for the beauty section in Debenhams!

Have you tried Euphoria by Calvin Klein? What will you be doing this Valentine's Day? As for me, I will be spending this Valentine's Day about 35,000ft up in the air with a romantic in-flight meal for one but hey, at least I will smell nice.


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