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Review // nSpa Cherry Daily Refresh Body Scrub

I don't know about you, but I know that my skin really changes in the winter months. I sadly wave goodbye to smooth, healthy skin around October and begrudgingly welcome sore, dry skin which needs a lot of TLC. At the moment I am really struggling with sore, cracked lips, dry hands, really dry skin on my face as well as dry skin on my legs. A lovely mental image for you all there.

Whilst hand cream, lip balms and moisturisers have become my new best friends recently, I need something to help get rid of the dry skin on the rest of my body, which is where the nSpa Cherry Daily Refresh Body Scrub comes in. 

About the nSpa Cherry Daily Refresh Body Scrub:
"Packed with natural vitamins A, E & B5 to feed the skin with real fruit goodness and crushed apricot seeds to exfoliate. These satisfyingly crunchy scrubs will buff away dull skin and invigorate your senses. Skin is left smooth and delicately fragranced with the luscious scent of red cherries."

I will start off by telling you that this smells amazing. Incredible, in fact. I had no idea I liked the smell of cherries so much! It is fruity, strong and fairly sweet but in no way unbearable. I strongly dislike sweet scents but this cherry fragrance has just the right balance of sweetness. Sometimes I just open the bottle and smell it as it is smells so good.

The formula of the nSpa Cherry Daily Refresh Body Scrub is just like any other body scrub. It is bright pink in colour with little dark purple scrubby particles running throughout. The crushed apricot seeds within the body scrub aren't too harsh on the skin and whilst they do the job well, I feel like they could be a little sharper, just to ensure you get a thorough exfoliation. If you don't like body scrubs that are too harsh then this will definitely be one for you. I do think this scrub lives up to its claims, as well as its name as it is definitely an everyday exfoliant. It will be perfect for you everyday, just to get rid of any smaller dry patches on the skin although I do think it would be best to incorporate perhaps a slightly harsher exfoliant into your skincare routine to go along side it. 

The nSpa Cherry Daily Refresh Body Scrub is a lovely everyday body scrub which is jam packed with crushed apricot seeds, topped with a gorgeous fruity scent. It leaves the skin feeling softer and refreshed as well as helping to clear any dead skin cells. Whilst this won't be the only body scrub I will be using, it will certainly be one I will be using daily. Best of all, you can pick it up from your local supermarket!


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  1. uau! this looks awesome! I tottaly want to try it! I love love love shower stuff and specially body scrubs! :)