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Review // Next Just Pink Eau de Parfum

Next Just Pink Eau de Parfum - £8.00 for 30ml
I wouldn't say I was a beauty snob in the slightest. I love Natural Collection for their eyeshadows, Boots own brand for their skincare range and Seventeen for their nail varnishes. But what about perfume? Is cheap perfume worth it?

When I was younger, my idea of high-end perfume was a new bottle of Impulse body spray. I gradually went from Impulse, to Charlie, to the Mary-Kate and Ashley perfume straight through to the Versace Red Jeans Perfume. I remember receiving the latter for Christmas one year and goodness me, it was awful. I remember spraying it on myself quite liberally before I even smelt it and it was so sweet it made my eyes water. Then I felt sick and had to have a lie down. I don't think I used it after that.

Now my everyday perfume of choice is either the Victoria's Secret Bombshell, Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana perfumes. They are light and floral and best of all, they don't make me feel physically sick.

For Christmas I received the Next Just Pink Eau de Parfum and I was slightly dubious at trying a perfume that costs less than £10 a bottle. How could it possibly compare to the likes of Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana? Well, quite well actually.

I don't usually mention the packaging of products but I have to mention the bottle of this perfume. Just Pink is identical to the Chloe perfume bottles which really surprised me considering Just Pink is £8 and Chloe is around £45. I expected the bottle to look fairly basic and simple but no, no simplicity here! Saying that though, I don't think the outer packaging would have necessarily jumped out at me if I were to see it on the shelf.

Just Pink is a fresh and floral fragrance with notes of fruits and pink blooms. It is wonderfully light and fresh, perfect for every day. It's not sweet in the slightest, instead it is a lovely, grown-up floral fragrance with a rosy base. Just Pink is also regarded to be a dupe for the Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume which, at £40, it is definitely worth trying the Next version to see how they compare.

Since I have had the Next Just Pink Perfume, I have had so many people ask me which perfume I was wearing. You can imagine their surprise when I tell them they can get it from Next for £8! I am utterly impressed with this perfume. It is light and floral, definitely a scent suited for me. I really want to try a few more Next perfumes now, especially as I have found out that their Cashmere perfume is a dupe for Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude perfume, as well as their Gold perfume being likened to Yves Saint Laurent Cinema.



  1. I love Next Pink, such a beautiful scent! I find Gold a bit heady, but Cashmere is beautiful! My go to perfume is 'My Burberry' but you can't beat a good old Next scent. Good post! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Kay xxx

  2. Ooh! I never thought to try their perfumes, I've been super impressed with their shimmer bricks which are a total dupe for the Bobbi Brown ones.

  3. I thought the Just pink bottle looked similar to a high end brand bottle. I use cashmere as my daily perfume and alot of the women in my family love the freshness of Just Pink!

    Sonam - http://fashtasticflare.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Ah the bottle caught my eye here! At first glance I had to double take.. Is that Chloe? Chloe is my signature scent for so long that I was interested to see what this was all about. I'm glad you like the perfume! I also own Daisy and you're right about how light they are :)

    Ayesha xxx

  5. Looks like it smells amazing!
    Jabeen x

  6. Love this blog post this is so me, I love Marc Jacobs and light blue too! But i have to agree cheaper perfumes like next are just as good! Lovely blog :)


  7. The packaging is beautiful! I need it just for that! ❤

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  10. This looks beautiful , I can't wait to try it out next time I'm in Debenhams!

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