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Review // MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15

I don't know if it is the current change in weather or after all these years, my skin has suddenly changed and gone from oily to dry but let me tell you, my skin is drier than Rivita at the moment. I keep using my everyday moisturiser which is the Boots Simply Sensitive Day Moisturiser. As lovely and refreshing, and lightweight, as it is, I need something more nourishing at the moment. Last week or so, I went to work as usual with my make-up on and casually glanced in the mirror halfway through my day before noticing how gross my skin looked. My moisturiser wasn't providing me with enough moisture therefore my foundation clung to every single dry patch on my face - it looked horrendous. That is when I realised I needed something more substantial. This is where the MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15 comes in.

About the MAC Studio Moisture Fix SPF 15:
"The no-grease, super-hydrating formula of Studio Moisture Fix with superlative protection from sun and environmental aggressions. Starts with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection of SPF 15 that goes on sheer. Mega-moistuising, rich, lightweight and fast-absorbing. Keeps skin plump and soft. Excellent prep for make-up. Releases moisture and emollients onto the skin continually/all day. Enhanced with mineral-enriched spring water, it's an instant spritz of moisture with the benefits of protection."

The MAC Studio Moisture Fix is a lightweight, non-oily moisturiser which absorbs quickly whilst remaining incredibly hydrating. It comes packaged in the traditional MAC 50ml pump bottle which comes with the handy locking motion at the top of the bottle to ensure you don't lose or waste any product during travel. The consistency to the moisturiser is really lightweight but rich too so it doesn't feel as if you are wearing any regular moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin almost instantly which is great for when you are in a hurry and don't have the time to wait for it to sink in before you apply the rest of your make-up. It isn't greasy in the slightest, nor does it leave you looking shiny or enhance any oils in the face. 

With its creamy, lightweight formula and its built in SPF 15, this is definitely a moisturiser to try. With ingredients such as caffeine and sucrose to reduce redness, swelling and puffiness, I have found that my skin is so much softer, more hydrated and overall healthier than before. For £24.50 for 50ML it certainly isn't cheap but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, plus a little goes a long way.



  1. I got a sample of this and I forgot how much I liked it! I was easy to wear under makeup and perfect for my oily skin! I had no idea it had spf in it! I have been looking for a product that is lightweight and has spf in it because I am so very pale and need to wear it everyday!

    Shannon Sage

  2. I love that this is lightweight. My skin is extremely dry. Its weird, I think it changes within seasons. So I would think Im combination really. But great post. I'll be surely to pick this up!


  3. This is awesome! I got a sample a few months ago and I thought it was awesome! it really makes wonders ;)

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