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Review // Lush Stardust Bath Bomb Review

It is the end of Jan and I am still battling to get through my mountain of Christmas Lush Bath Bombs. I recently posted my Christmas Lush Haul which did a great job of reminding me which products I currently have within the small pile gathering dust in my bathroom. My most recent "Lush bath" was all down to the Lush Stardust Bath Bomb.

I have tried quite a few of the Lush Christmas range now and I would say that the Stardust Bath Bomb is one of the simplest design wise. It is very plain and simple - something which drew me to it immediately. Don't get me wrong, I like the all singing, all dancing Lush Bath Bombs as much as the next person but after the Dashing Santa and Cinders Bath Bombs both made me look as if I were sat in my own bodily fluids, I was looking forward to trying simple.

Firstly, Stardust is by far my favourite scent out of all of the Lush Christmas range. It smells incredibly fresh and clean with a slight vanilla fragrance to it. It's just so heavenly, if they had this product in the permanent range all year round I would probably buy one a week purely for the scent alone.

When dropped under hot water, Stardust immediately fizzes which allows milky white and pale blue foam to trickle out. The whole bath bomb dissolves fairly quickly, making the bath water turn a cloudy, murky pale blue. Whilst the water changes colour, an added little extra is finally noticeable in the bath tub. Floating to the top of the surface is little, colourful stars which reminded me of table confetti. Like always, I never Google a bath bomb to see what happens as I enjoy the element of surprise and this was definitely no different!

I reluctantly got out of the bath smelling absolutely wonderful - a scent which lingered on the skin a couple of hours after first appearing. Whilst my skin also had a very subtle shimmer to it, I didn't leave the bath covered in stars!

I really enjoyed using the Lush Stardust Bath Bomb and I am really sad that we can't buy it all year round. If they bring it out this Christmas then I will most definitely be stocking up! 



  1. I've never actually tried a Lush bath bomb but it's my birthday next week so I might just treat myself. I think part of the reason is that I'm just scared of all that glitter and colour in my bath. I'd probably start with something a little more simple like the stardust bath bomb.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally