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Review // Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow & Liner in Mauve Baroque

Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow & Liner - £5.99
Do you ever find that some days you just can't be bothered to put make-up on? Some days I just wish I could click my fingers and my make-up would be applied on my face instantly. Think of the amount of time you would save in the mornings, and the extra time asleep you can enjoy. Sadly, I don't have some marvelous invention but I do have a product that will save some time during your daily make-up routine. That product is the Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow & Liner.

About the Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow & Liner:
"High pigmentation colour that lasts 24 hours! Its soft, creamy texture glides on for an effortless blend of colour with the precision of a liner. The long-lasting waterproof formula won't crease, smudge or fade. Available in 6 different easy-to-wear shades, perfect for day-to-night glamour."

Likened to the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows, the Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow & Liner crayons are perfect on their own as a flush of colour or underneath another eyeshadow as a base. I have quite a few to review for you but today, let's talk about the shade above - Mauve Baroque. Mauve Baroque is an incredibly easy-to-wear shimmery mauve which looks wonderful on its own - plus, it is a dupe for the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadow in Misty Rock. Each Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow is designed to last 24 hours as well as remaining crease-free and waterproof. It claims a lot, but does it live up to them?

Yes!! The giant crayon makes it so easy to apply, either as a full-on wash of colour on the eyelids or as an eyeliner. If you are wanting to apply the crayon as an eyeshadow you should be aware that the formula sets very quickly so you have just a few seconds to buff it out with either your fingers or with a brush as once they are on, they are on! They do not budge, crease or transfer at all and they most definitely live up to their waterproof claims. I wore Mauve Baroque on its own just to see how long it would last as I can get fairly oily eyelids and it lasted all day. It lasted all day, without a primer! Amazing.

In fact, they last so long that you need a bit of a good scrub to get them to come off so you definitely cannot knock their longevity. I am so, so impressed with the Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadows. The only one down side would be that you do have to sharpen them which if done slowly, ensures you don't waste any product in the sharpener. I have to remind myself of this as I can get a bit carried away when it comes to sharpening! They work just as brilliantly as eyeliners too as the tip of the crayon ensures you can get a definite, precise line on the eyelid and on the waterline.

For £5.99, the Bourjois Colorband Ombre Eyeshadow & Liner's are worth every penny. They are definitely a dupe for the ByTerry Ombre Blackstar Cream Eyeshadows which, at £29 each, don't come cheap. If you were looking for an affordable cream eyeshadow come liner, then look no further!



  1. Ooo I really want to try out some eyeshadow crayons! This one sounds great

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. I love the colour brands! I have one in the shade Brun and its the perfect thing to quickly put on and walk out the door, but I hate the fact that it dries so quickly!

    Parie x

  3. Looks like great product, I love the color!!

    Adi xx

  4. I really like the colour. Thanks for the discovery. Bourjois is definitely a brand I love. Their products are amazing and cheap.

    Mika from www.la-french-connection.com

  5. This shade looks gorgeous, definitely something I have to try!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  6. Wow, the shade really looks lovely on you! I need to try it out!

    I write Mademoiselle Meets Maquillage and Macaroons and I would love for you to give it a read. Maybe we can follow each other on Bloglovin?

    Deepti x

  7. I have this, it's such a pretty shade! I actually prefer the peachy pink shade though (can't remember the name off the top of my head). I agree that they are so long lasting! I still want to try the Ombre Blackstars though!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent (formerly Kimamely Beauty)

  8. Look lovely!

  9. That looks really nice! I'll be sure to check it out