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Other // Creating An Instagram Collage With Polargram

Over the years my bedroom has had a few makeovers. I used to share a bedroom with my twin sister until I was about 6, when I decided that I needed "my own space" and have a "space of my own". Who would have known a 6 year old could be so grown up and aware of other peoples personal space? Well, I made a mistake. It turns out that moving from a big bedroom to the box room was a slight downgrade. I think I have mentioned before just how small my bedroom is but if more than two people are in it at any one time then I start to get chraustraphobic.

Fast forward 16 years later and I am still in that same bedroom, even though my sister moved out 3 years ago. People ask me why I haven't just swapped rooms but I like my little room. It's white, airy and most importantly, mine. Last summer I decided I was sick of seeing the same 4 walls and tried to think of something which would perk my room up a bit. First I thought about changing the wall colour to grey but I quickly shook that one off. I uhhmed and ahhed over pinterest, then just decided to get some new art work for my walls. I went to a few shops for some inspiration but to no avail, so I decided to make something personal instead.

I stumbled across Polargram, a website which allows you to print off any Instagram or Facebook photo, as long as you can log in to the account. You can choose which style you can print your photos off as, such as in squares or polaroid-style and how many photos you would like. It is around £8.95 for 24 photos or £11.95 for 48 so it isn't too expensive either. I have made two orders with Polargram so far. Whilst the first batch was utterly excellent and the photos were printed of the highest quality, I found my second batch to be fairly grainy and I wasn't too happy. I tweeted them and they immediately re-printed my order for me and sent it to me within a couple of days and fortunately they were much better.

With my photos printed, I needed a frame to pop them in. I really wanted a horizontal frame so I could fit a few photos in but I couldn't find one so I ended up in IKEA buying a deep, square frame. I can't remember the exact name, nor can I find it online but I think it was around £9. Next, the time consuming bit - getting the photos in the frame! I wasn't sure how to do it so I painstakingly blue-tacked each photo in. As I bought the polaroid-style photos from Polargram, I had to overlap them to hide the white space so if I were to do it again then I would probably buy the square prints. It took quite a while to create it but I absolutely love it! It's personal, colourful, and it makes me smile seeing photos of my family and friends up on my wall each morning. The best bit about blue-tacking them in is that I can change the photos around when I get some more happy moments printed.

Oh, P.S. I probably wouldn't recommend buying the IKEA frames. They are so heavy and I had to get someone to alter the frame for it to hang on my wall. Even then it fell off one night and nearly killed me.

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  1. I have a twin sister too! I love this! I know it took you awhile but the results are good! I'm defo gonna have to recreate this.. such great pics you choose to be framed xx


  2. you have a twin? that's so cool!
    ant that collage is awesome! i LOVE that type of stuff and I love Polaroids! it came out pretty cool! ;)

    have a nice week! :D

  3. Great! It sounds good. Thanks for sharing.. Consumer.tn.gov.in