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Other // The ASUS Zenpad 10

This isn't a review. I am no tech-whizz, despite what the elderly members of my family may believe. I didn't buy this as I read good reviews. I didn't buy this as it is powered by Android. I didn't buy it as it was top-of-the-range, the best money can buy etc etc. I bought it as I liked the colour. I bought it as it was pretty and I thought it would look nice. And I was right.

Okay, so maybe that isn't the whole truth. I did buy it due to its aesthetics but I also bought it due to its 16GB memory and..well, that's about it. I knew I wanted a tablet as I am going on holiday next month and wanted something to keep me occupied for the 8 hour flight but I was unsure as to which one to buy. I thought about an iPad but then quickly decided against it. I have an iPhone and an iPod, I don't really need another Apple product to download the same apps on. I decided to go into an actual shop and look at a few tablets in person rather than online and I am so glad I did.

There are so many tablets out there, how do I know which one to go for? I walked into Currys, got completely overwhelmed then walked straight back out again. There are so many! All with different screen sizes, memory space, brands.. I decided to try and whittle them down from the screen size first. 7" appeared so tiny in store so I immediately disregarded that size and very slowly whittled it down to one. I then went to purchase it, it was all sold out so I bought this one instead. Ha ha. The only difference was the size. I originally wanted the ASUS Zenpad 8" but it was sold out so I went for the 10" instead. 

The ASUS Zenpald in Gold, which I bought, is lovely. It is very aesthetically pleasing with its white front and its gold/metallic pink shell. It works wonders, does just what you would want a tablet to do plus I find the screen very vivid and clear which I am very unused to. I own an old iPhone and an old iPod, both of which really lack colour on screen so having a device which looks picture perfect is rather lovely. The camera on this tablet is a bit shoddy but I don't for one minute believe I will be using it for snapping photos - more for playing Hay Day, browsing Twitter and watching film & TV shows on the plane.

I have never had a tablet before so I have nothing to compare it to but I am thrilled with this device. It is slightly larger than what I would have preferred in screen size but it makes the Daily Mail website all the better for browsing on. 


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