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Review // Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Gold by Melanie Sykes + 20% Off Discount Code

I have written a couple of reviews on Glimmer Temporary Tattoos now so you are probably aware just how much I enjoy using them. I have previously tried out the Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Luxe Silver and the Glimmer Watercolour Temporary Tattoos in Daydream, both of which I completely adored. I recently had the chance to try out the newest addition to the temporary tattoo range, the Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Gold by Melanie Sykes*.

This set of tattoos is Limited Edition and that is because the set is co-designed by the celebrity Melanie Sykes. The tattoos she co-designed is set to embody her sexy, feminine, independent and elegant yet rock chic style and are inspired by a few of her favourite things. I couldn't wait to give them a try to see how they compared to the previous sets I've tried which I loved so much!

About Glimmer Temporary Tattoos:
"Glimmer Body Art is the creation of a young, creative, married couple in California. They first created the Glimmer Body Art Glitter Tattoos which quickly became an overnight success and Glimmer quickly became the #1 manufacturer of glitter tattoos and supplies. Caroline Beau de Lomenie spotted the beautiful range whilst in New York and fell in love. She bought Glimmer across to the UK and has become the UK brand guardian."

About the Gold range by Melanie Sykes:
"Creatively directed and co-designed by model and TV presenter Melanie Sykes, this beautiful set includes 2 sheets with amazing designs inspired by jewellery, symbols and words that she chose carefully and which have a special meaning to her."

As soon as I pulled out the two sheets of tattoos, I immediately spotted a tattoo which I couldn't wait to wear - the 'believe' tattoo. I would really love to get a word or a quote tattooed on me for real so these temporary tattoos are a great way of finding out what you want and where to place it before you head off to the tattoo studio with shakey legs. Out of the 28 tattoos provided, I love the majority of them! I can't wait to try out the feather and the swallow tattoos next. I have managed to convince myself that I want a tattoo on my arm so trying out some of the larger temporary tattoos is a great way of working out the size and placement before I commit to a real one. 

How To Apply:
"Carefully cut out the tattoo you want and peel off the clear film. Press to clean, dry skin and carefully dampen with a flannel or a sponge. Press for around 20 seconds then carefully peel away. The tattoos should last between 2-5 days depending on wear."

Like always, these temporary tattoos are a dream to apply. Last time I tried these out I had my sister on hand to help me if I needed it but this time I was all on my own and I managed to apply the tattoo one-handed in about 15 seconds. So easy and effortless. And most importantly, pain free!

Once again, I am in love with the Glimmer Temporary Tattoo range. I love this new range and the new designs within them. Each tattoo has a wonderful gold, metallic sheen to it which does not fade during wear. Speaking of which, I have been wearing 'Believe' on my wrist for nearly a week now and it hasn't cracked, budged or faded since. These temporary tattoos are made with such high quality, they are definitely not the same standard you wore when you were a child!

The only one, very, very small niggle I have regarding this set of tattoos is the fact that there is a tattoo with Melanie's name on. I understand it is a signature tattoo to show that she co-designed them and she wanted to put her own, literal stamp on them but, am I really going to wear a tattoo saying Melanie? Fair enough if your name is Melanie, your girlfriend is called Melanie, you are a big fan of Melanie Sykes etc etc but I really cannot see me wearing that one.

Overall, another wonderful set of temporary tattoos from Glimmer. They are made from such high quality, each tattoo has a wonderful, metallic golden sheen to it and they last forever on the skin. Each tattoo can be worn in plenty of different ways on the body so there are plenty of tattoos for the neck, arms, ankles and wrists. They are so easy to apply, take no time at all and are completely pain-free! If you want to try out any of the temporary tattoos from the Glimmer range then Glimmer have very kindly allowed me to share a 20% off code with you all. Simply enter TEDDY20 at checkout to get 20% off!



  1. I really like these! They sound super easy to apply and really good quality, how long do they last for?

    Grace xx


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