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Fashion // Arm Candy Feat. Cartier Love Braclet Replica

I have written a blog post on the Cartier Love Bracelet replicas before but I can't resist writing about them again. I would love nothing more than being able to afford a £5,000 bracelet but I seriously doubt I will ever be able to. My car cost a little more than that. Obviously if I could afford an original Cartier Love Bracelet made out of the finest 18 carat white gold then I sure as hell would do but for now, a cheap look-a-like off of eBay for a couple of pounds will just have to do.

Type 'Love Bracelet' into eBay and hundreds of results will come up - the majority of which are located in China. Some will say they are made out of gold or silver but I think you will find they are made out of the highest quality alloy you can find. Whilst I can't find the exact seller I bought mine from, this seller is selling them for less then a couple of pounds each which is great considering it isn't £4,500. 

They may be cheap but unlike other cheap jewellery, they don't make your skin go green after a period of use which is utterly surprising. I find that my bracelets are rather temperamental when it comes to trying to open them but hey, it is well worth the cuts and bruises! I would like to say that is a joke but alas, it is not.

Watch wise, I have found myself wearing this Rotary watch more and more often recently. I have about 6 watches which I usually wear on rotation (so the other watches don't feel left out) but this little beauty has been a permanent fixture on my wrist recently. The mesh strap makes it really comfortable to wear although it is slightly too loose for my wrist so I try not to make any sudden arm movements just in case it flies away.



  1. Your arm candy is on point <3 I adore the love bracelets but 5000 is waaay to much when there are so many pretty and affordable replicas haha x


  2. I've been looking at replica love bracelets and am tempted. Do you have to screw these ones on?


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