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Review // Irrisistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions

Irrisistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions - $299.00 // £198.00*
I have never been more excited to write a review than I have with this one! I was recently contacted by a hair extension company called Irrisistible Me and they very kindly asked if I wanted to review some of their hair extensions. I was actually really excited by this as I had read all about them on other blogs and had read great things so obviously, I said yes please.

About Irrisistible Me Hair Extensions:
"Irrisistible Me is a young brand that centers around really amazing clip-in hair extensions, but has bigger hair related dreams: hair tools, hair accessories, hair care and wigs. At the moment they have two lines of clip-in hair extension: Silky Touch and Royal Remy.

Silky Touch is the best selling line made with 100% human Remy hair. These hair extensions are fantastic quality for a friendly price and can be very easily styled, cut, colored, and curled to blend in your hair perfectly. The thickness of the hair decreases very slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look. The Silky Touch extensions are perfect for anybody who loves adding a bit of volume and/or length to their hair occassionally. If you're just starting with hair extensions then the Silky Touch clip-ins are the way to go.

Royal Remy is the premium line made with 100% human Remy hair. The Royal Remy hair extensions will last longer and is the closest match you can find to completely unprocessed hair. The thickness of the hair is amazing - the same from the top to the bottom. This line is very easy to blend with your own hair and can be cut, coloured, curled and styled. If you're looking for longevity and volume, the Royal Remy line is the best choice you can make."

I was asked to choose a hair colour shade, length and weight. Well. I am clueless when it comes to hair extensions. I have never used them before, studied them or paid them much attention. I was a complete novice. At the time of choosing my colour, length and weight, I had naturally long hair. It was about 18 inches but because it was so heavy and fine, it just made the hair at the top of my head flat with no oomph or bounce to it. Because of this I decided to go for the Irrisistible Me Royal Remy Hair Extensions* as they are made to make the hair appear fuller, thicker and have more oomph! At the time of making my decision, my hair was a dark blonde/light brown shade so I was torn as to which shade to get. What if it didn't match? I was slightly worried about it and was torn between choosing the Royal Light Brown shade and the Royal Ash Blonde shade. Luckily for me, on the Irrisistible Me website there are videos which compare a few of the similar coloured hair extensions together so when you see them side by side, it is much easier to make a decision. Because of this, I finally decided on the Royal Ash Blonde shade which is incredibly close to my natural hair colour.

Next, the length! As my hair was so long, I didn't want the hair extensions to be shorter than my own hair so I decided to go for the 22 inch length which is only available in the 200g weight. I think I was slightly naive as to how long 22 inches is as I knew it would be long but goodness me. it is long! When I was younger I desperately wanted what I called "Princess Hair" which was beautifully silky smooth long hair and these extensions 100% fall into the "Princess Hair" category!

The hair extensions arrived within a few days of my order being placed which was amazing considering they had come all the way from the US. When they arrive they come in a see through pouch with two sections. On the right side you have one piece of hair with 3 clips on and on the left side you have the other hair extensions. The reasoning to this seperation is so you can un-zip the the right side and take the one piece out to see how it compares to your own hair colour. If you are not happy with it then you can simply send it back and exchange for another. If, however, you open the side with the all of the hair and change your mind, you will be unable to exchange it due to breaking the seal. This is all written on the back of the pouch and I think this is a fair and reasonable way of doing things - plus, it makes it so much easier to see if it matches or not!

As I have never had hair extensions before, I had no idea as to what they would feel like (or look like) and I was so impressed! They are so wonderfully thick and silky soft. I can only dream of my own hair feeling like them. As I recieved the hair extensions with 200g of weight, in the pack are 10 pieces of hair which is plenty to cover the whole head whilst achieving fuller and voluminous hair. The 200g are split between the 10 pieces which include 1 piece with 4 clips, 2 pieces with 3 clips, 5 pieces with 2 clips and 2 pieces with 1 clip.

For some reason in between me choosing these extensions and them arriving, I decided to get my hair cut short. And have layers put in. I didn't think anything of it at the time but it turned out it was quite tricky trying to make my natural hair blend in with the hair extensions, purely because of the short layers. It made it all look a little uneven so I do regret my layers slightly but they will grow! I do want to add that my "after" photo does them zero justice whatsoever but I will post another photo soon.Whilst there aren't any instructions or a guide on how to apply the clip-ins, there is a video on their website which takes you step-by-step through it which was a godsend as I had no idea as to how to put them in. Once you know what you are doing it is really easy. You just snap the clip in and out of place and gradually apply the extensions from the bottom of your ears upwards, starting with the 3 clips and ending with the 4 clip piece at the top of the head. The other pieces are then applied on either side of the head to add more volume to the hair.

I am so impressed by these hair extensions. They are high quality, wonderfully thick and silky, are easy to apply and look incredibly natural. They are comfortable to wear and instantly add volume and body to your hair. They arrived incredibly quickly and well packaged. I really cannot fault them. Yes, they are pricey but you get what you pay for and these are high quality hair extensions that you can cut, colour and style to your own preference which will last you a very long time. Oh, and they have free worldwide shipping!

*- Item sent for the purpose of this review but thoughts are entirely my own! 
(P.s, Apologies for the photo in flash!)



  1. WOW looks amazing!
    Jabeen x

  2. These are just gorgeous!!

    The packaging is so cute too. Im a sucker for really cute packaing.
    Will be looking into these clipins! Thanks for the review.

    *Follows You*

    1. They're wonderful! Thank you for your comment xx

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