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Other // My Non-Festive Festive Nails

Seventeen Holographic Nail Polish - £3.99
Rimmel Space Dust in Aurora - £3.99
I hope the title of this post isn't too misleading and I do hope you weren't expecting to see some fantastic nail art with each nail decorated with either a hand drawn robin, snowman or christmas pudding. I did wonder what to do with my nails over this festive period but I thought everyone would kind of expect the classic red, albeit glittery, nail so I decided not to do that this year. That's not to say my nails won't change to that on Boxing Day! Haha.

This year I have gone ever so slightly different and painted my nails holographic with a pink, sparkly, accent nail. I have been wearing this combination for over a week now and whilst the holo nail varnish chips fairly easily, it has an incredibly fast drying time so it isn't too much hassle when it comes to reapplication.

I get asked quite a lot about my nails, where I get them done, if they are real, etc etc. Yes, they are real! Entirely my own, I have grown them myself. I've never been much of a nail biter and I would say that my nails were fairly strong. They don't break too easily although they do split halfway down the nail which breaks my heart as I know I can't save it and the whole nail has to come off. That said, that has not stopped me from trying to superglue it back together. Yes, I did try and superglue my nail back together. I admit, it was a fairly low point!

What are your festive nails this year?



  1. I LOVE seeing silvers and golds paired together...literally obsessed. Every time I find decor with those two colors I grab for it <3

    Wendy | XOBeautyAddict.com

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