Inspiration // Christmas Gifts For Her

I wouldn't want to cause alarm but it is only 11 days until Christmas Day. 11 days! That is 11 days to finish your Christmas shopping, wrap it all beautifully then dash back out to the shops to buy a present for that person you forgot all about. Or for some, this is 11 days in which to even start thinking about buying gifts for loved ones.

So, if you are still on the hunt for the perfect gift for a lady in your life, or you need some inspiration before you start your Christmas shopping, here is a few of my favourites which would make fantastic gifts.

How cute is the Kate Spade Thermal Mug?? Here's hoping Santa will be sending me all of the above this Christmas!



  1. These tips are great, love everything! Nice blog you have, I followed you on bloglovin aswell xx

  2. Everything in this wish list is so beautiful! I've genuinely opened about 5 or 6 tabs of things that I want to treat myself to hahaha, bad influence! x x x

  3. Love this list! Everything is so pretty! I love the Kate Spade Contacts book - that is super cute and of course, Jo Malone does not disappoint!



    1. I love everything from Kate Spade at the moment! I even considered spending £20 on a Kate Spade stapler. It is a beautiful stapler though xx

  4. You have amazing taste!!!!! I should forward this to the boyfriend haha ;)

    Celia xo


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