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Fashion Trends // Over The Knee & Thigh High Boots

I have been searching for the perfect pair of over the knee/thigh high boots for a while now. I have tried on so many pairs but none of them have been right. They are too loose around the thigh/knee area.. If they do have a nice fit then chances are I am not keen on the heel.. The top of the boot falls down as I walk.. Struggle struggle struggle.

I finally thought I had found my perfect pair. They were black, the colour I wanted. They were suede(-ish), the finish I wanted. They had a tie up hem to them so you could tighten them up to help them stay up. Perfect! So I added them to my online basket, clicked checkout and god damnit, they all sold out. Hello, here I am, waving at you from square one!

My hunt for the perfect over the knee boots continue but for now, here is a little look of a few alternatives you can find on the internet. Enjoy!

What do you think? Are you a fan of the over the knee boots trend?



  1. I wasn't that bothered about this trend but the more I see them on people the more I want a pair. Loved the Carvela Glenda Stiletto Suedette pair, a little bit expensive but they are gorgeous! some really nice picks x


    1. I wasn't too bothered about them either but now I am obsessed! x

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