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Review // Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Did you realise you were looking at heaven in a bottle? No? Well you are in for a little treat! Last year Yves Saint Laurent bought out their latest perfume, Black Opium. It is based around the original, bestselling Yves Saint Laurent Opium Eau de Parfum, a fragrance I am yet to try. Whilst writing this review I decided to delve a little deeper into the YSL perfume world and I was surprised to read that the Creative Direction of Yves Saint Laurent sent out a press release shortly after the release of the Black Opium Perfume, stating that under no circumstances was he involved with the fragrance and he wanted nothing to do with it. I can't understand why as it is pretty glorious.

About the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum:
"Discover Black Opium, the new feminine fragrance by Yves Saint Laurent - new glam rock fragrance full of mystery and energy. An addictive gourmand floral with notes of: Black Coffee - for a shot of adrenaline; White Florals - to instantly seduce; and Vanilla - for sweetness and sensuality."

I will admit and say that whilst I had heard of the Yves Saint Laurent Opium Perfume, I have never smelt it nor can I recall seeing it in the perfume stands of department stores. I think this is due to the bottle and packaging. It is essentially the same as Black Opium without the glitter texture whilst being incredibly..brown. It would not stand out to me on the shelves so I am pleased to say that the Black Opium version is entirely different! I immediately spotted it when I walked into Boots recently and couldn't resist a little smell - it is truly wonderful. It is dark, deep and, dare I say it, sensual. It is not the perfume for bright, summer days. Instead, it is the perfect scent for dark Autumn/Winter nights where you are rushing out the door in your sequined dress with your heels in your hand, dark red lipstick on.

The packaging and bottle is beautiful. Dark and glittery - completely appealing to a younger audience. The glitter is just a textured coating so you needn't worry about the glitter falling off the bottle whenever you pick it up to spray yourself. But, of course, the best bit of any perfume should be the smell and luckily this does not disappoint! With notes such as vanilla, black coffee and white florals, this fragrance is dark, warm and spicy. One spray on the pulse points is plenty as this perfume is long-lasting and lingers on the skin all day. It may be a pricey perfume but it is well worth every penny and most definitely a luxurious treat.



  1. I love the packaging! I gotta check this out when I can.


  2. I LOVE this perfume. It's definitely on my Christmas list!


  3. This bottle is one of my favourites, stunning perfume! Xx

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