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Recipes // Soft Ginger Biscuits

Ahh, biscuits. Or cookies, if you prefer. I have always admitted to the fact that biscuits and cake are my downfall. I can happily live without chocolate and alcohol but cake and biscuits.. You will never hear me turn down a biscuit or a lovely slice of cake with a thick layer of buttercream sandwiched in the middle. Mmm mmm. I would be terrible under interrogation if they whacked out a plate of custard creams. 

Whilst I love biscuits, I am slightly fussy as to which biscuits I like. I hate ginger nuts or any biscuits that are thin and crispy which leave a gross greasy feeling on the teeth afterwards. I much prefer soft, pillowy biscuits that don't make a sound when you tear them in half. Biscuits that don't really benefit from a dunk into a hot cup of tea.. Say hi to soft ginger biscuits!

I saw this recipe on The Londoner's blog and she originally found it on Pinterest. They are glorious. I am not a massive fan of ginger but goodness me, are these wonderful. They are lightly spiced, soft and pillowy, aka, heavenly. They taste a little bit like Christmas and take no time to make. Visit The Londoner's blog for the recipe, her photos and beautiful words do the recipe more justice than I ever could. Although, if I were to pass on some baking tips then it would be to add a tiny bit more flour to the dough as mine was rather sticky and there was no way I could have rolled them into little, bitesized balls of heaven. These biscuits went down incredibly well and I will hold my hands up and admit that I ate 5 in quick succession. Very moreish!



  1. They look so delicious! I have been looking for a ginger biscuit recipe for some time. Would be perfect for Christmas

  2. Oh my goodness, they look perfect. I love anything ginger bread so I just had to check out your recipe! X
    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  3. Looks so yummy!
    Jabeen x