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Other // How I Edit My Blog Photos

A slightly different post from me today. I really love to read these sort of posts to find out ways of improving either my photography or the way I edit my photos so hopefully you will too! 

I will be honest and say that I have had this blog for a while now and we have had an on/off relationship. I used to love blogging but found that I lacked inspiration, my photos always looked boring and horrible and I lacked enthusiasm for my little website. That was until I decided to up my game. I bought and paid money I earned on a blog layout. I decided to google html to learn new ways to make this page more exciting and more pleasureable to look at. Hell, I even got a Pinterest account. But the most important thing of all - I started to edit my photos.

Before a few months ago, I simply took my photos on a sunny day and uploaded them onto blogger. That was it. I did not interfere or re-touch them in any way. I used to look at other bloggers photos and thought "hmm, I want that" and thought it was all down to the camera itself. I looked up expensive cameras and thought about buying a DSLR in hope it would improve the way my photos looked but all I needed to do was download a couple of photo editing programmes onto my computer and learn which buttons to click. 
With this photo above, I edited the right side but left the left side original so you can see how just a few clicks on Photoshop can change an image.

I have always had Photofiltre on my computer and this is my go-to photo editing programme. It is entirely free and incredibly simple to use. If I just wanted to change an image size, create a wish list or merge a few photos together then I would use this programme. I think I have used Photofiltre for years now and have one of the older versions installed. They have updated it in recent years but I always revert back to the older version as I find it easier to use. It is easy to download and a programme always handy to have.

Another programme I use which I imagine most people have is Photoshop. Years ago I had the up to date, paid for version that a friend lent me the disk for but a few laptops later, I have the free old version (CS2). Yep, Photoshop for free! Click here and follow the simple instructions to download the CS2 version of Photoshop for free. Photoshop is the programme where the magic happens. This is where I get from left to right. From dull and grey to bright and vivid. Not bad for a free old version, huh?!
In this photo I have adjusted the curves, changed the brightness/contrast and used the sharpen filter to just the right side. I feel like whilst I could forgo changing the brightness of my images, I would never not fiddle around with the curves. It immediately changes the look of the whole photo, just by dragging the little curve up and down. It brightens and lifts the photo instantly and you have the opportunity to adjust the light in the photo flexibly. 

I then change the brightness/contrast. As I have already changed the curves, I don't need to brighten the photo too much so I will just change it ever so slightly to +5. I then change the contrast slightly more but fully dependant on the image so it can vary. In the photo above I changed the contrast to +12. I love that you can quite easily adjust the levels without too much hassle.

Finally, I sharpen my images. I find that I have to do this quite a lot until it looks fairly grainy as once the image is uploaded to blogger it does soften slightly. Sometimes I worry that I over-sharpen and my photos just look grainy rather than sharp but hopefully it does not come across that way! Here is an example of the way I edit my photos..
Original image, nothing has been changed or interfered with.
In this photo the curves have been adjusted to make the photo brighter. You can see there is quite a significant difference between this photo and the original!
In this photo I have changed the brightness/contrast. I have upped the brightness ever so slightly and increased the contrast by about +10. By adjusting the contrast you are ensuring that the colours in your photos are more vivid and vibrant.
The end result! In this photo I have adjusted the contrast a tiny bit more to bring out the red hues and sharpened the image to within an inch of its life.

One issue I have struggled with is finding the correct photo type to save my image as. JPEG? GIF? RAW? PIXR? After a lot of trial and error, saving the same image over and over, I save my images as PNG. I find that they do not go grainy or disturb the image in any way. I may be wrong in doing this but this is just what works for me!

Other than all of the above, the final thing I do is change the photo size to fit my blog layout. (750W) This improves the overall appearance of my photos and it means that when uploading to blogger, I can allow my photo to fit its original size into the width restrictions my layout gives me.This also means my photos upload a lot faster too!

What do you do to alter and improve your photos? I would love to hear some more tips!



  1. This was such a useful post! Thank you so much for the photoshop link, I had no idea you could get it for free. I've been contemplating buying an expensive camera too but I think I'm just going to try to work with what I have for the moment :)

    Velvet Blush

  2. Thanks for the tips! I recently came back to blogging and I found myself to be more confident in my posts when I learned how to take better photos!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. that's so good! Your photos always look incredible!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  4. This was a great post - thank you so much for the tips and for the link for the free photoshop! Looking forward to playing about with it now!

    Laura | laurakathren.com

  5. Thanks for such a helpful post! I've been there and been unhappy with my photos but changing them definitely helps! xx

    Jasmine || http://www.blogsallbeautyy.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Thank you so much for this! I've been working on getting my blog photo's to look better but found everything just looks terrible! I do need to resize them to my blog widths though! How do you find out what this is? I'm awful with things like this!!

    Nicole | nicolelaurenblake.co.uk

  7. Really good information. I've been going back and forth about purchasing the new photoshop verses keeping and using the old version. I shall continue tweaking in the old version!

  8. This is such a great post. Thank you! I've been the same and decided that I really should try to make more effort with editing my photos. X

  9. Such a helpful post! I'm always on the lookout for new editing apps as the ones I'm currently using just don't do it for me. So I'm really excited to try out Photofiltre and that I've finally managed to get Photoshop working (thanks to your link)!

    Kelly // Velvet & Vibranium

  10. So interesting, thank you! This will definitely help me in improving my photographs for my own blog. Fantastic post and really well explained.

    Carrie xx

  11. This was a really helpful post, thank you! I find that having better pictures makes blogging even more fun. I can also recommend Snapseed; a phone app which has improved both my instagram as well as my blog!

    Elle .x.


  12. Great post! And so helpful, thank you!!! :)

  13. It's amazing the difference a bit of editing can make! This is really helpful - thanks for sharing!


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  15. Amazing post! I'll be sure to check those out to edit my instagram photos and blog photos!


  16. Good editing improves blogging so much, for you as a blogger and for the reader and i love the variation in images and editing, it all tells more about the blogger and what they like, and i think thats super important!

    Fashion Dew // Bloglovin'