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Wishlist // The Turning 22 Birthday Wishlist

In the words of Taylor Swift, I'm feelin' 22!
I can't believe I turn 22 in 5 days time. 22! I remember turning 10 and my friend wrote in my birthday card that I was really old now as I had entered the 'double digit' zone. Whilst I am not too much of a birthday fan - I'm more of a Christmas lover - I do sure as hell like presents. The items below are a hell of a lot of wishful thinking and more of a list that I myself have to save up to buy as I sure as hell don't think someone is going to buy me a £1,000 bag for my birthday, even if I am turning 22!  
*Swoon!!* How beautiful is this satchel? In the words of pre-pubescent teens, I can't even. Beautiful. Timeless. Expensive. Please be mine, one day! I will even accept a dodgy eBay replica.
I'm not sure why I want one of these so much as after all, everyone got rid of their desktops years ago in favour for laptops but now everyone is reverting back to the trusty old computer on desk scenario. And I want in.
I nearly bought these headphones in the summer when I saw them in Harrods. They are of a beautiful copper toned metal hardwear and I bet they make One Direction sound even better when listened to through these.
Simple. Elegant. Timeless. (Geddit??)
I smelt this candle earlier on this week and oh my goodness. It smells so amazing! I am definitely going to buy this for myself as it is just heavenly. The matching perfume is truly wonderful too.
I spotted this bag in Harvey Nichols a couple of months ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It is like a mini trunk/briefcase! It is super, super cute and made of the softest leather.
I need a new camera and I think this bloggers fave is the road I am heading down. From the results I have seen on other blogs, this camera is excellent quality with a not too expensive price tag to go with it.



  1. Just fell in love with those headphones! I might need to write to Santa this year... Happy birthday in advance girlie x

    Henna | www.lifestardustandme.co.uk

  2. Great list! I always wanted an iMac!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  3. So many things on here that I have on my wish list too (especially that Chloe bag!) Great minds think alike :) xx