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Wishlist // A Little Autumn Wishlist

Now that it is Autumn, I feel that I need to give my wardrobe a little bit of a tidy and a good, ruthless, going through. I have so many clothes that I never wear but can't bear to throw or give away as I used to really like them. It is surprising at how quickly we can go off items or how our tastes changes in just a matter of months. Just because I liked something last Autumn doesn't mean I am going to like it this time round!

This is just a few little items that I may treat myself to this Autumn. Well, when I throw away the majority of my wardrobe, I'm going to need to wear something, aren't I!?
I absolutely love this coat and I am so happy it is in the sale! I was browsing the ASOS sale on my phone and this was the first item that stopped me scrolling downwards. I am not usually a faux fur coat kinda person. They're okay but I never thought I would ever see one that I would actually fall in love with! I can imagine me wearing it with an outfit similar to the model - tight leather look jeans and a simple white shirt.
I actually already have a pair of lace up ankle boots similar to these but mine are from Primark and they squeak when I walk. These will be perfect for cold, crisp Autumnal days with black skinny jeans and a chunky, oversized scarf.
I am not a massive lover of animal print but I love the little leopard print finish to these shoes. I would probably wear these to work if I was feeling particularly brave!
I have a few biker jackets already and I am more than willing to add another into my collection. My most recent jacket was from Forever 21 and is made of the highest quality pleather one could buy. Every time my arms move the jacket squeaks! This one from Mango looks lovely for Autumn.
I saw this in Marks and Spencer today and immediately fell in love with it!! I don't think the photo of it on it's own nor on the model does it any justice at all. I was so upset that they didn't have my size so I couldn't try it on but it is the most perfect Autumnal faux fur coat! It is wonderfully soft, too.
This too is from Marks and Spencer and I couldn't believe it when I saw it! It instantly reminded me of the dress Tanya Burr wore to the Burberry Fashion Show recently. I'm not sure what this looks like on but it is very Burberry inspired and for £49.50 it is a true bargain!
I think this is a wonderful, simple Autumnal top. It would look lovely with the Glamorous Faux Fur Coat I featured earlier. 
When I saw this in Topshop I thought I had accidentally wondered into Chloe. This is so similar to the beautiful Chloe Drew Bag that we are seeing more and more of recently. It is available in a few different colours too. At £30, it is around £930 cheaper than the Chloe Drew Bag.
Another Chloe look-a-like!! This bag instantly reminded me of the Chloe Faye Bag. I absolutely love the Chloe Faye and would love to own one one day but for now, this slight dupe is good enough for me and my bank balance!!

What are you after this Autumn?



  1. Love the faux fur overcoat ooo it's gorgeous!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  2. Oh I love the leopard print shoes and they're such good value! The saddle bag form Topshop is such a staple piece for this season! Lovely post :) x

    Lucy | lucyalana.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It is such a fab dupe for the Chloe Drew bag! So affordable x

  3. Love the Chloe dupe bag! My BFF is actually called Chloe Drew so I have been looking for dupe's of that one to give her for Christmas!! xx

    1. I hope you buy her this one for christmas! Much more affordable than the original! x

  4. The boots are dope!
    Jabeen x

  5. Love the Topshop Chloe dupe!

    1. Much more affordable than the original! x

  6. omg I love the leopard print shoes! Im so sad they are sold out in my size :(