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Review // Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask for Sensitive and Red Skin

I am having a real struggle with my skin at the moment. Whilst I am fairly lucky that I rarely get spots, I suffer really badly from blackheads and rosacea. My skin is oily/combination so my t-zone is wonderfully shiny and my cheeks are incredibly dry. Whilst my skin looks fairly clear far away, up close and personal it is a different matter.

I would love to be able to go out without foundation on but as my face is so red, I don't think I can do that just yet. I have had a little bit of an internet search to see if there are any rosacea cures out there and sadly there aren't. The NHS website does insist that you can self help by "avoiding things that trigger your symptoms, taking good care of your skin" and, er, "using make-up to hide it" thanks for the help, NHS!

I was recently in Boots trying to find an industrial sized bottle of Garnier Micellar Water when I came across a little stand of brightly packaged skincare. They were from the brand Quick Fix Facials, a brand of which I had never heard of before. I was really drawn into the packaging so I had a little look as to which different skincare products they did before popping the Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask into my basket. It is specially made for people with sensitive and red skin so I thought, great! a product I was looking for!

About Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask:
"The Problems:
Skin that is sensitive, prone to redness, irritated and misbehaving.
The Solutions:
Oatmeal - helps to relieve skin dryness and discomfort
Aloe Vera - perfect for helping to reduce skin inflammation and provides moisture
Chamomile Extract - helps to soothe and calm sensitive skin
Rose Extract - helps to minimise redness caused by enlarged capillaries"

How To Use The Calming Clay Mask:
"Smooth a thick layer onto skin and leave for 5-10 minutes to ease irritated skin. Remove with warm water or gently wipe away with a warm damp flannel or cloth."

I was really looking forward to using this clay mask and seeing amazing results but I was slightly disappointed. The first thing that disappointed me was the smell. It has rose extract in which is one of the main and vital ingredients, it helps to minimise redness caused by enlarged capillaries but unfortunately the smell is incredibly overwhelming. The only way I can describe it is as if it smells like rose scented yoghurt. That actually sounds as if it smells quite nice but I don't really like it at all. To me, it smells rather artifical and overwhelming. It doesn't linger on the skin after use but it is rather apparent when on the face.

Another thing I am not too keen on is the texture and formula. It is really thick and creamy which feels lovely on the skin and you believe it to be the perfect formula as a mask, like it was intended, but it isn't. When on the skin and left for the required time, it doesn't harden like a regular clay mask. Instead, it completely soaks into the skin and almost dissolves, if you like. I have never tried a clay mask like it. 

I can overlook those minor details for incredible results but again, I was rather disappointed. I had read prior to writing this review that some people had tried this clay mask and it had done more damage than good. It had caused a burning sensation and left the skin looking red and sore, something which this clay mask is supposed to combat. I have tried this mask a few times and thought I could feel a very, very slight burning but thought it was my imagination but now I am not so sure after reading other reviews. It didn't leave my skin looking redder than before and I can't say it made a massive difference redness wise but I did look all pink cheeked and rosy in the face which I didn't mind too much. Think Bridget Jones in the first film!

Overall, I probably wouldn't buy this clay mask again. It left my skin feeling lovely and soft but it does feel slightly uncomfortable during application and after. It doesn't do as a normal clay mask would do - rather than harden it had soaked into the skin - and the smell is slightly off putting. I didn't get very noticeable results therefore I do believe there are better alternatives out there. That said, Quick Fix Facials do offer various other skincare products such as facial scrubs so I won't rule those out in the future!



  1. Thanks for the review! I am also looking for a nice clay mask that I can use at home. Try making a paste of yoghurt, turmeric, honey and chickpea flour. Apply to your face till dry and wash it. You will get nice and soft skin.


  2. I have tried Quick Fix masks aimed at tackling blackheads and spot prone skin and I wasn't impressed either! I also had issues with the texture and overpowering smell!

  3. Great honest review!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com