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Other // Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch

Oh my.
Look at it. Just look at it.
Is it wrong to be a tiny bit in love with a rose gold plated, crystal embellished elegant and timeless watch made out of the finest genuine leather?

I have always wanted a Daniel Wellington watch. A while ago my particular watch of choice would have been the Classic Sheffield 36mm. It is timeless, elegant and simple. Before recently, I only had one watch which my Nan bought me from Debenhams about 7 years ago. It has a big face, a classic black strap with purple crystal hour markers with black crystals around the outside. It sounds slightly garish but goodness me, I loved that watch. Actually, I still do. I wear it all the time. Then back in February I walked past Watch Station and ended up walking in and buying a Michael Kors watch. It is of an ivory colour with a white face, not your typical rose gold MK watch that we all adore. To be honest, I have only worn it twice. I think the fact it was about £25 in the sale made me buy it, not because I was particularly in love with it. Also I think one of the reasons why I don't wear it is because it is slightly too small. In the shop the sales assistant took some links out for me but it was still too big so I took it into work (I work in a jewellery shop) and whacked out a few more links, perhaps one too many, and I haven't thought about putting another back in so to stop the blood supply in my arm stopping whenever I wear it.

For my birthday my mum and my sister bought me the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch. It is available in a few different sizes but they bought me the 26mm which is the smallest size. I love this as I usually wear watches with big faces but as I have a tiny wrist, I think wearing a watch the size of a grandfather clock can look a bit silly. My family also know me well enough to choose the rose gold version rather than the silver but in all fairness, I would have loved either.

I love the little crystal hour markers on the face, alongside the eggshell white face. I also love the thinness of this watch. It is 6mm meaning it will be very hard for you to knock it against things, something which I find I do a lot with my other watches. 

Overall, I am in love with a watch. Yep, I really am that sad but look at it!



  1. OMG that watch is stunning! Super sleek!
    Jabeen x

  2. This watch is so classy and gorgeous! I'm so jealous <3

    xo, Kimberly

  3. Love, love this watch. So simple and sleek, I def need one!


  4. That watch is one my favourites, I wear mine every single day!

  5. i love DW watches..loved how you captured it :) Rebecca Andersen

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