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Review // Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - £2.95
Another week, another Lush Bath Bomb. 
This is another gem from my recent Lush splurging trip I recently went on. When I buy Lush bath products, I never google the items I intend to buy beforehand to see what happens. I like the element of surprise as I drop the bath bomb under the hot water. What will happen? Will I get multicolours? Will I see glitter? Will it fizz? Oooh, the suspense!

I was torn between this Dashing Santa Bath Bomb and the Father Christmas Bath Bomb but I decided to go for Dashing Santa as it smelt wonderful, plus I listened to the girl in the shop talk to me about it for 5 minutes and I felt it was only fair to buy one after she tried so hard to sell it to me. 

What Lush Say About Their Dashing Santa Bath Bomb:
"Santa's golden boots fizz away first, sending him dashing around delivering lustrous waters of cheery mandarin oil. Bright, fruity bergamot and orange flower absolutes scent the air like fresh satsumas, making him a perfect treat for the bottom of stocking."

I love the idea of this. It such a modern take on the traditional satsuma in the stocking gift. I actually think Lush should make a Christmas Bath Bomb that looks and smells just like a satsuma as I imagine it would be really popular and more people would understand the concept!

When popped under hot water, Dashing Santa dashes around the bath at a fast pace. The almost yellow part of Santa dissolve and fizz almost immediately, leaving him to run around the bath leaving an orange, red and gold sea in his wake. It foams up quite a lot and takes quite a while to dissolve. In fact, there was still 1/4 of it left in tact when I was ready for my relaxing soak. When everything has died down the bath water is left bright red but I didn't notice any glitter floating around. 

I absolutely adore the fruity scent Dashing Santa unleashes but when sat in the bath bomb water, a thought occurred to me. Excuse me for what I am about to say but it just looked like I was sat in a bath whilst enduring a rather horrendous period. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it and I definitely enjoyed it more than if I were sat in a bath full of my own blood (sorry) but I do believe Lush have better bath bombs than this one. 


Review // Bath and Body Works Vanillatini Shimmer Mist

I love Bath and Body Works. I literally cannot write my love for that shop on this blog enough. If they let me use their items and name for a franchise, I would do. I would sell those hand sanatizers, body mists and candles all day and all night to the best of my ability as I truly believe we are missing out massively in the UK!

Anyway. A perk of having my mums best friend living in the US means lovely gifts from Bath and Body Works and for my birthday I received this beauty, the Bath and Body Works Vanillatini Shimmer Mist. It isn't something I am too familiar with and I initially looked at it and thought "well, what is it??" Well, to put it simply, it is a glittery body spray. My younger self would be squealing with delight!

Many years ago, we are talking secondary school days, my friend bought me a Ted Baker gift set full of different scents and toiletries. Within the set was two identical packaged items. A body spray and a bronze body shimmer. What did I do? Yep, spray the copper brown shimmery liquid all over my clothes one hectic morning. Since then I have tried to stay clear of glittery, shimmery things for the body but now that I am older, I am ready to give it a try.

I tried to Google this product before writing this review to find the price and I managed to find out that this Vanillatini Shimmer Mist was first out many years ago until it got discontinued but earlier this year Bath and Body Works bought it back for a limited time only. I think it is a real shame that they discontinued it as it smells absolutely incredible.

I expected this to spritz out a blue shade onto the skin but it is completely clear with silver, shimmery particles throughout. The smell... ahh, the smell. If you love coconut then you will love this! If you hate coconut then.. sit this one out. Vanillatini is a concoction of fresh vanilla, creamy coconut and lemon zest, all mixed into one. It smells exotic and fresh without being overpowering or too sweet. It lingers on the skin all day, literally. I could smell it for hours, even after just one spritz to each wrist. 

I absolutely love it. I love the scent and I like the shimmer but to me, the shimmer doesn't add anything. I don't know why I would want to have glittery arms for. But hey, I am pale and interesting, or so they say. If you have a bit of a tan then maybe you will appreciate the shimmer more than I will but overall, I would purchase this for the scent alone and I would love to be able to track down another bottle!


Other // Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch

Oh my.
Look at it. Just look at it.
Is it wrong to be a tiny bit in love with a rose gold plated, crystal embellished elegant and timeless watch made out of the finest genuine leather?

I have always wanted a Daniel Wellington watch. A while ago my particular watch of choice would have been the Classic Sheffield 36mm. It is timeless, elegant and simple. Before recently, I only had one watch which my Nan bought me from Debenhams about 7 years ago. It has a big face, a classic black strap with purple crystal hour markers with black crystals around the outside. It sounds slightly garish but goodness me, I loved that watch. Actually, I still do. I wear it all the time. Then back in February I walked past Watch Station and ended up walking in and buying a Michael Kors watch. It is of an ivory colour with a white face, not your typical rose gold MK watch that we all adore. To be honest, I have only worn it twice. I think the fact it was about £25 in the sale made me buy it, not because I was particularly in love with it. Also I think one of the reasons why I don't wear it is because it is slightly too small. In the shop the sales assistant took some links out for me but it was still too big so I took it into work (I work in a jewellery shop) and whacked out a few more links, perhaps one too many, and I haven't thought about putting another back in so to stop the blood supply in my arm stopping whenever I wear it.

For my birthday my mum and my sister bought me the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch. It is available in a few different sizes but they bought me the 26mm which is the smallest size. I love this as I usually wear watches with big faces but as I have a tiny wrist, I think wearing a watch the size of a grandfather clock can look a bit silly. My family also know me well enough to choose the rose gold version rather than the silver but in all fairness, I would have loved either.

I love the little crystal hour markers on the face, alongside the eggshell white face. I also love the thinness of this watch. It is 6mm meaning it will be very hard for you to knock it against things, something which I find I do a lot with my other watches. 

Overall, I am in love with a watch. Yep, I really am that sad but look at it!


Review // La Maison de Senteurs Ambre Mystère Scented Candle

In a recent post I mentioned how much I wanted this candle for my birthday and luckily for me, my pals can take a hint. I was so excited when I saw that my friend had bought me this candle. I recently went to Marks and Spencer for a bit of a look around and before I knew it, I had spent over an hour and a half in the beauty section! I never usually look in the beauty aisles in M&S but I was so, so surprised. They have some big names with a few offers so it is definitely worth a look.

I found myself in the candle section and was drawn to the La Maison de Senteurs products due to their packaging. There were a few different candles and diffusers with matching perfumes so I picked one up and oh my goodness, it was like smelling heaven. The item I fell in love with was the La Maison de Senteurs Ambre Mystere Scented Candle.

I think I have said it before but I find it really hard to put scents into words. I wouldn't know where to begin with trying to tell you what this beautiful candle smells like so this is what La Maison de Senteurs say about their Ambre Mystere Scented Candle:
"Carefully chosen essential oils and extracts, harmonised to evoke the senses and rouse the mind. Ambre Mystere is a mysterious dusky fragrance of mimosa, iris and tonka bean.

It smells so wonderful. I like light scents but this is a lot deeper and heavier but it still takes my fancy. If you were to smell it before you knew the price, you would say it was about £30. It smells much more expensive and luxurious than the £9.50 price tag suggests. Don't take my word for it though, get down the M&S beauty aisle and whilst you're there, check out the La Maison de Senteurs Ambre Mystere Eau de Parfum!


Personal // What I Got For My Birthday

I am 22! Woo-hoo! 
I am not really a birthday fan. I much prefer Christmas, mostly because I find Christmas less disappointing. I always find my birthday is a bit of a non-event. Especially since I share my birthday with Kim Kardashian and only one of us can shine!

I thought I would give you a little glimpse into what I got for my birthday. I find these posts can be a bit braggy so I hope it does not come across that way. I personally love these types of posts, mostly because I am mega nosey and love to know every insignificant detail!

Before I start, I shall let you know that in my lifetime, I have received some rather shitty gifts. Like, seriously. I know it is the thought that counts and it is, but I do believe that it can be quite evident when no thought has been put into a gift at all. One year my aunt gave me a tube of Pringles for Christmas. To make it worse, she gave me ready salted, not even one with a particular flavour. Sadly, that was not the worst gift I have ever received as this birthday, someone else greatly outdid themselves with my 'shittiest gift' prize. I would love to share it with you but I won't just in case the person who gave it to me happens to read this. If you would like to know what I received then feel free to tweet me (@cheap_wednesday) and I will more than happily send you a photo! 

What I love most about my family and friends is that they read my blog and know how to take a hint. Which is why I was so excited when my friend bought me the La Maison de Senteurs Amber Mystere Scented Candle which I featured in my birthday wishlist. It smells so, so lovely, I will have to force myself to burn it! My rather lovely friend also bought me a One Direction t-shirt which made me very happy indeed. 

My work pals got me lots of little things which included a lot of Ciate products! I am so excited to try out the Ciate Velvet Manicure Kit and also the Ciate Feather Manicure Kit. If they work out well then I will obviously share my results with you all! I also received a beautiful Bath and Body Works Shimmer Mist which I am really looking forward to trying out.

Family wise I received MAC Eyeshadow in Knight Devine which looks incredible, as well as the Real Techniques Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush which looks far too pretty to use! Finally, my favourite gift of them all. I know they have become really popular just like Michael Kors watches but I am a sucker for Daniel Wellington. I love the simplicity and elegance of their watches. They are timeless and I don't think I would get sick of the sight of one like I would a Michael Kors watch. So imagine my utter delight when my family purchased the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield Watch for me. It is so, so beautiful. It has taken me a few days to pluck up the courage to wear it!

Expect to see a few blog posts on the above in the next few days!


Review // Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Lush Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb - £1.95
I've recently become slightly obsessed with Lush products. Before recently I would only ever buy the occasional bath bomb. And by occasional I mean roughly once a year. But now, I am a changed person! Every time I walk past a Lush store I always end up leaving with at least one bath bomb or a bubble bar.

One of my (many) most recent Lush purchases is the Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb. Like all of my many impulsive Lush purchases, I buy them purely because they are aesthetically pleasing and smell wonderful so it was only when I got home that I realised this is a bath bomb designed for children! It is such a lovely idea, having little bath treats aimed at smaller people too. Why shouldn't they enjoy a nice bright blue bath like the rest of us?

That said, even though it is aimed at children, adults can still use it too. Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb is designed to help relax you before bedtime so you have a nice, peaceful sleep. One of the main ingreidants is lavender oil which is proven to calm and relax you therefore it will be perfect before bedtime treat.

What Lush say about their Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb:
"A gentle lavender bath bomb to relax children before bedtime. This is a bath bomb designed to look after young children's delicate skin, and is so gentle it's suitable for babies over six months. Its aromatherapy oils also work to soothe irritable cherubs before bedtime. Lavender is a calming aromatherapy oil, used in traditional medicine to treat skin irritations, sunburn and insect bites."

When dropped into hot water, Ickle Baby Bot instantly fizzes and it's little feet dash away into the bath, leaving the body to slowly melt away. The water turns a wonderful bright blue and the smell is wonderfully relaxing and I felt instantly more relaxed. I had my bath quite shallow, ie not really an adult sized bath so I am not sure what the colour would be like if you were to have more water in the tub.

Overall, a lovely relaxing little bright blue bath bomb. It is the most perfect treat before bedtime which smells wonderful and left me feeling much calmer and more relaxed.


Review // Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner

If there was one skincare product that I could not live without then it would definitely be toner. It helps to remove any scraps of make-up you missed previously whilst cleansing, it freshens up the skin and generally prepares the skin for moisturising. 

I have tried so many toners over the years now, it takes a lot to impress me. I am in love with the Garnier Micellar Water which I recently reviewed and since then I have not looked back! That was until I ran out and could not find another bottle anywhere so I set out to find another alternative. I was recently in Boots and came across the Botanics stand. I'm a massive fan of their All Bright range so when I saw the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner, I decided to give it a little try.

About the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Toner:
"This revitalising toner helps visibly tighten pores and instantly brighten skin.
Skin is left feeling fresher and prepared for moisturising. Hibiscus is nature's brightness booster and a wonderful hue of pink. Natural AHA's from the flower act as mild exfoliators to help leave skin smoother and brighter. Our beauty scientists use active plant extracts approved by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to bring you beautiful skincare that's proven to work."

I like to let a few drops fall out of the bottle onto a cotton pad before sweeping all over my face. It helps to take away any hints of make-up whilst giving the skin a little cleanse and tone, all in one. It leaves the skin feeling much softer and perkier but I wouldn't say it instantly brightened it. Also, I would really love to know what colour this toner is as when poured onto a cotton pad, it has almost a brown tinge to it which is rather interesting.

Overall, I wouldn't say this would replace my Garnier Micellar Water but it is a good alternative and does the job nicely, although I probably wouldn't buy it again.


Review // Bella Beauty Make-Up Blender

I literally cannot remember what I used to apply make-up with before Real Techniques came about. Probably some crappy little plastic brush a distant family member gave me which came in a little make-up set for Christmas many years previously. I swap and change between applying my foundation with either the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, the Stippling Brush or the Foundation Brush. Out of the three, my favourite is the Buffing Brush as I find it buffs my foundation into my skin perfectly whilst remaining soft and gentle on the face.

A while ago the whole world of make-up blenders became apparent, with the brand leader Beauty Blender showing us what we have been missing out on for all these years. At the time I wasn't too fussed about buying one as I was perfectly happy with my various other brushes to over-pay for what I believed was an over-hyped sponge. That was, until, I was in America earlier this year and saw them everywhere. Literally. So many different varieties! I decided to buy two and see what the fuss was all about. 

I first purchased the Up & Up version which I found in Target for a few dollars as I had yet to see the original Beauty Blender. I tried it out whilst I was there and I really wasn't too much of a fan. It literally was just a sponge. It soaked up all of my foundation and it did not make application any easier, in fact, it made it 10x harder and I immediately reverted back to my normal Real Techniques brushes. 

I then bought a Bella Beauty Make-Up Blender from TJMAXX (literally the US equivalent of TKMAXX), again for a couple of dollars. After trying the Target substitute I didn't have much faith in it but, my goodness, it is so much better!

To Use
"Use dry or damp to apply any type of make-up. "
To Clean
"If used daily, your sponge should be washed once a week with a mild cleanser, baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap. Rinse well and air dry. Your sponge will enlarge after wetting."

Let me start off by saying that this isn't just any old sponge. It has a completely different texture to the Up & Up version which does contains latex although it is hypoallergenic. The Bella Beauty Make-Up Blender is completely latex free and hypoallergenic too, just like the Original Beauty Blender. I find that the Bella Beauty Make-Up Blender is a hell of a lot denser than the Up & Sponge which is quite light and has more similarities to a sponge rather than a make-up blender. I like the density to this make-up blender as it makes the product much firmer and easier to apply foundation with.

You can use make-up blenders wet or dry, depending on how you wear your foundation. Applying your foundation with a damp blender will ensure your foundation is quite sheer whereas if you, like me, like your foundation coverage medium/full then keeping the blender dry will work better for you. When I first used the Up & Up Blender, I ensured it was damp first then I tried to blend my foundation in and I was utterly horrified. Whilst is was fun watching the blender double in size, it did not blend my foundation in any way at all. It simply moved my foundation around my face whilst leaving me with water streak marks which is what we all want, isn't it?! Another thing I absolutely hated about using the blender whilst damp is that is stays wet for a long while afterwards which I am not too keen on. I've since then decided that a wet blender is no good for me and will ensure mine stay firmly dry unless washing!

Now the best bit, the results! It took me a while to get used to the make-up blender but I absolutely love it. The best way to get use out of a make-up blender is to use small, patting motions on the skin as apposed to big sweeping motions. This is fairly time consuming but it does give wonderful air-brushed results whilst the small tip of the blender makes it easier to ensure the entire face is covered in perfectly blended foundation. Whilst I do not time how long it takes me to apply my foundation with a brush, I do know that it takes quite a while. I like to ensure it is all evenly blended in with no streaky areas or patches whilst ensuring it does not look cakey. Even when my foundation is applied up to my usual standard, I go over it with my Bella Beauty Make-Up Blender just to make sure it is fully blended.

I really did believe that this product would be a bit of a novelty but it truly isn't. It ensures perfectly blended foundation each time without a hint of cakiness which is my main worry when using a brush. All products have a down side though and the washing and maintaining of this make-up blender is a real pain. I feel like no matter how many times I wash it, it is never truly clean. It is never as clean as a brush could be, if that makes sense. The foundation does stain the blender and I don't know about you but I like all of my make-up brushes and tools to be perfectly clean before using again.

It is also worth noting that there are so many different versions out there, you don't have to spend nearly £20 on the Original Beauty Blender. In fact, Real Techniques have one for a few pounds but as you are reading a beauty blog, I am sure you know that already!


Wishlist // The Turning 22 Birthday Wishlist

In the words of Taylor Swift, I'm feelin' 22!
I can't believe I turn 22 in 5 days time. 22! I remember turning 10 and my friend wrote in my birthday card that I was really old now as I had entered the 'double digit' zone. Whilst I am not too much of a birthday fan - I'm more of a Christmas lover - I do sure as hell like presents. The items below are a hell of a lot of wishful thinking and more of a list that I myself have to save up to buy as I sure as hell don't think someone is going to buy me a £1,000 bag for my birthday, even if I am turning 22!  
*Swoon!!* How beautiful is this satchel? In the words of pre-pubescent teens, I can't even. Beautiful. Timeless. Expensive. Please be mine, one day! I will even accept a dodgy eBay replica.
I'm not sure why I want one of these so much as after all, everyone got rid of their desktops years ago in favour for laptops but now everyone is reverting back to the trusty old computer on desk scenario. And I want in.
I nearly bought these headphones in the summer when I saw them in Harrods. They are of a beautiful copper toned metal hardwear and I bet they make One Direction sound even better when listened to through these.
Simple. Elegant. Timeless. (Geddit??)
I smelt this candle earlier on this week and oh my goodness. It smells so amazing! I am definitely going to buy this for myself as it is just heavenly. The matching perfume is truly wonderful too.
I spotted this bag in Harvey Nichols a couple of months ago and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It is like a mini trunk/briefcase! It is super, super cute and made of the softest leather.
I need a new camera and I think this bloggers fave is the road I am heading down. From the results I have seen on other blogs, this camera is excellent quality with a not too expensive price tag to go with it.


Recent Purchases // Red Faux Fur Pom Keyring

I love it. I absolutely love it. 
If you read my recent post on pom pom keyrings, then you know I am utterly obsessed with the little balls of faux fur. I think I first started liking them when Kendall and Kylie Jenner first started walking around with their Fendi versions swinging from their car keys. Whilst I can't afford £800 for a Fendi keyring, I can afford £3 for one from Dorothy Perkins.

I had such a terrible headache yesterday so I thought I deserved a little bit of a treat. I saw this keying in Outfit and thought "yep, that will cheer me up"! It is a bright, in your face, red. It is bigger than the previous one I bought from New Look and I like it. I really, really like it. I find that my grey pom keyring makes it so much easier when I am trying to find my car keys at the bottom of my bag - I search for the fax fur and hope that I am touching my keyring!

I thought about attaching this to my bag but after trying it out, I don't think it looks right so I think I will have to swap it for the grey pom keyring currently sat looking pretty attached to my car keys. It isn't a necessity but for £3, who cares?!

What do you think?


Review // Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask for Sensitive and Red Skin

I am having a real struggle with my skin at the moment. Whilst I am fairly lucky that I rarely get spots, I suffer really badly from blackheads and rosacea. My skin is oily/combination so my t-zone is wonderfully shiny and my cheeks are incredibly dry. Whilst my skin looks fairly clear far away, up close and personal it is a different matter.

I would love to be able to go out without foundation on but as my face is so red, I don't think I can do that just yet. I have had a little bit of an internet search to see if there are any rosacea cures out there and sadly there aren't. The NHS website does insist that you can self help by "avoiding things that trigger your symptoms, taking good care of your skin" and, er, "using make-up to hide it" thanks for the help, NHS!

I was recently in Boots trying to find an industrial sized bottle of Garnier Micellar Water when I came across a little stand of brightly packaged skincare. They were from the brand Quick Fix Facials, a brand of which I had never heard of before. I was really drawn into the packaging so I had a little look as to which different skincare products they did before popping the Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask into my basket. It is specially made for people with sensitive and red skin so I thought, great! a product I was looking for!

About Quick Fix Facials Calming Clay Mask:
"The Problems:
Skin that is sensitive, prone to redness, irritated and misbehaving.
The Solutions:
Oatmeal - helps to relieve skin dryness and discomfort
Aloe Vera - perfect for helping to reduce skin inflammation and provides moisture
Chamomile Extract - helps to soothe and calm sensitive skin
Rose Extract - helps to minimise redness caused by enlarged capillaries"

How To Use The Calming Clay Mask:
"Smooth a thick layer onto skin and leave for 5-10 minutes to ease irritated skin. Remove with warm water or gently wipe away with a warm damp flannel or cloth."

I was really looking forward to using this clay mask and seeing amazing results but I was slightly disappointed. The first thing that disappointed me was the smell. It has rose extract in which is one of the main and vital ingredients, it helps to minimise redness caused by enlarged capillaries but unfortunately the smell is incredibly overwhelming. The only way I can describe it is as if it smells like rose scented yoghurt. That actually sounds as if it smells quite nice but I don't really like it at all. To me, it smells rather artifical and overwhelming. It doesn't linger on the skin after use but it is rather apparent when on the face.

Another thing I am not too keen on is the texture and formula. It is really thick and creamy which feels lovely on the skin and you believe it to be the perfect formula as a mask, like it was intended, but it isn't. When on the skin and left for the required time, it doesn't harden like a regular clay mask. Instead, it completely soaks into the skin and almost dissolves, if you like. I have never tried a clay mask like it. 

I can overlook those minor details for incredible results but again, I was rather disappointed. I had read prior to writing this review that some people had tried this clay mask and it had done more damage than good. It had caused a burning sensation and left the skin looking red and sore, something which this clay mask is supposed to combat. I have tried this mask a few times and thought I could feel a very, very slight burning but thought it was my imagination but now I am not so sure after reading other reviews. It didn't leave my skin looking redder than before and I can't say it made a massive difference redness wise but I did look all pink cheeked and rosy in the face which I didn't mind too much. Think Bridget Jones in the first film!

Overall, I probably wouldn't buy this clay mask again. It left my skin feeling lovely and soft but it does feel slightly uncomfortable during application and after. It doesn't do as a normal clay mask would do - rather than harden it had soaked into the skin - and the smell is slightly off putting. I didn't get very noticeable results therefore I do believe there are better alternatives out there. That said, Quick Fix Facials do offer various other skincare products such as facial scrubs so I won't rule those out in the future!


Other // Pumpkin Spice Favourites

Autumn has arrived! Good-bye sunny days, t-shirts, sunburn and glorious golden tans. Hello cold and frosty mornings, layers of knitwear, earache and ghostly pale skin. As much as I like summer, I do love Autumn. I love jumping on fresh, crunchy leaves, stamping conkers out of their shells and waking up each morning to clear blue skies with frost on the ground. But what do I like better than all of those things? The scent of the season, of course. Pumpkin spice.

Ask me a few months ago what pumpkin spice was and I would have told you you could probably find it in between nutmeg and cinnamon in a supermarket. I had no idea. That was until a few weeks ago when I tried my first ever pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. It tasted sweet with absolutely no hint of vegetable at all. Pumpkin spice is a mixture between cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Think gingerbread without the ginger. It is warming, comforting and oooh, just lovely.

Since then, I feel like my eyes have been opened to the pumpkin spice world and now I can't get enough. If you can get it in pumpkin spice then I sure as hell want it. My mum recently came home from the US and bought me some wonderful pumpkin spice scented products for me to try. Candles, hand sanatizer, sweets..

Bath and Body Works plays a massive part in my pumpkin spice obsession. They have a wonderful range of Autumnal scents available in various pumpkin scented varieties. We're talking Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Honeyed Pinapple Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow... Dreamy. I wasn't too sure as to what those various variations would smell like in candle form but my goodness, I didn't expect them to smell like that. I have Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Caramel Pumpkin Swirl and Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and they each smell truly wonderful. My favourite is Sweet Cinnmon Pumpkin. It is like, spicy and smells amazing! In hand sanatizer form I have Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Purrfect Potion and Marshamallow Pumpkin Latte. Whilst the latter is incredibly sweet, the first two are light, spicy and are the epitome of Autumn.

Also when my mum was in America, she bought me back some Gold Emblem Pumpkin Spice Candy Corns. I had no idea as to what a candy corn was, albeit a pumpkin spice one so I was rather intrigued when she thrust the packet at me. Candy corns are kind of like foam bananas/shrimps in texture but a little bit harder. The pumpkin spice is very apparent but in an artificial way. They are truly bizarre and definitely a required taste but my taste buds quite enjoy them!


Other // My Most Used Beauty Products

Yesterday I felt a bolt of inspiration to go through all of my personal possessions and ruthlessly throw them away. I thought I would start with a cupboard filled with beauty, skincare and hair care products first. I took everything out and put it all on my bed before hearing my inspiration bubble burst as I sat and stared at the vast amount of it all. I then continued to sit and stare at everything for well over an hour and a half.

Whilst my inspiration and energy may have left me, I did slowly decide to start going through my make-up collection. I started with my make-up boxes where I store the make-up that I don't use everyday which doesn't need to be in my main make-up bag. I threw away all of the old, dried up, goodness knows how old mascaras, eyeliners and foundations and, somehow, managed to condense two boxes filled with make-up products just down to one. First job, tackled.

I then lost all hope and inspiration entirely and then laid on my bedroom floor scrolling through twitter for another 45 mins. Daylight had become night-time, the seasons had changed, the clocks had gone forward again and I was still trying to avoid the chaotic scene that was my bedroom. Instead of trying to tidy everything away and make a new home for everything, I found a small light of inspiration to tackle the task of sorting out my main make-up bag where I realised just how many items in my bag were nearly finished. I find it quite hard to use up an eyeshadow palette as there is always a few shades that I would never use but I have surprised myself! It was like looking through my make-up bag with new eyes. Here are my most used beauty products!
I first bought this foundation in Sephora back in February. I didn't know anything about it, I was in desperate need for foundation and it seemed to match my skin colour quite well, if the swatch on the back of my hand was anything to go by. I have used so many foundations now and whilst I am yet to find the one I can't live without, I think this comes quite close. It has a thick and creamy texture and is medium coverage although it is rather buildable. Just typing this has made me realise how much I love it, so much so that I think this deserves its own post entirely. I have nearly finished this bottle and my mum recently bought me another so I have enough to keep me going until I go back to America to buy some more!
If I had a pound for every time I have raved about this product then I will probably...have £60. This was my first ever MAC purchase and it will probably be the first one I will repurchase too. It is the most perfect neutral base for eyeshadows which keep them in place without creasing all day. I loved this MAC Paint Pot so much so that I have quite the collection now but Painterly will always be my favourite and I think it is quite evident from the usage in the photo above!
The usage isn't very apparent in the photos but boy, have I used this blusher. Nearly every day for nearly three years, in fact. You can probably tell that a little goes a long way and it is very, very long lasting. It is the most wonderful neutral toned blush which is perfect for contouring as it has a matte finish. If I could only use one blusher for the rest of my life, this would be it.
I can only apologise for the state of this eyebrow palette! I think it is quite apparent to which shade I use to fill in my eyebrows. I think having an eyebrow kit like this with three different shades is quite difficult as they all vary in colour so I am not really going to need or use all of them. In fact, I haven't even touched the other two shades. I will probably try and make more of an effort to get more use out of the other two shades. I don't really use the eyebrow mascara either but I really like the little angled brush it comes with and I use this far more than the angled eyebrow brush I bought specifically. 
As you can probably tell, this £4 bargain shimmery eyeshadow palette has been well used and loved. Nearly every eyeshadow has been touched which is incredibly rare in a palette with 12 eyeshadows. I know this a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palette but as I haven't tried that palette I can't agree although I will say the shade on the top row, second to left is a dupe for the MAC Eyeshadow in Mythology which, in itself is well worth purchasing the palette for. I used to absolutely adore the shade third from left on the bottom row which was my go-to base eyeshadow colour. I wish I could buy that eyeshadow on its own as it was the most perfect shimmery champagne shade!
Collection Work The Colour Nude Eye Palette - £3.99
Again, another well loved eyeshadow palette! After I used up the shimmery champagne in the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette, I turned to this Collection Palette and quickly fell in love with their version of a shimmery champagne. As you can probably tell. I have found myself using this palette a lot more than the MUA Palette recently, mostly because this palette offers matte shades wheres Heaven & Earth does not. I love using the top right and bottom middle shades for a dark brown smokey eye. I love this little eyeshadow palette although I think the highlighter on the top row does not offer anything and is neither here nor there.

So, those are my most used beauty products! What are yours?


Review // Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish with Lycra in Yes Sir!

I must have well over 100 nail varnishes so I don't really need or require any more. In fact, I imagine I must have some variation of every nail varnish in Boots but surely another one won't hurt?

As it is Autumn now, I have decided to leave the peachy pinks, the rich corals and the soft pastels to one side and out comes the berry red, khakis and dark greys. I recently went through my nail varnish collection in the hunt for my perfect Autumnal shade but I couldn't find it as I hadn't purchased it yet. I knew I was on the hunt for a khaki green and after a lot of searching, I finally found the one. Say hello to the Rimmel London Salon Pro Nail Polish with Lycra in Yes Sir!

What Rimmel say about their Salon Pro Nail Polishes:
"Up to 10 days chip resistant nail colour with gel shine finish! Including amazing shades created by Kate Moss. Includes our precision maxi brush for salon perfection! All the benefits of a professional salon manicure. Strengthening base coat, top coat and gel shine all in one. Ultra flexible Lycra formula; colour is shock proof, chip resistant and anti-fading. Long lasting for up to 10 days."

I absolutely love this colour. It really is the most perfect deep khaki shade which will see me right through Autumn and into Winter. I love it so much that I have been wearing it for about three weeks now! The brush to this nail polish is really flat and wide which makes application a breeze. The formula is really opaque you could quite easily get away with one layer to each nail but I do tend to apply two, just in case. I have been applying Yes Sir! without a top coat just to see how chip resistant it is and it does tend to chip within a couple of days but as it is pretty easy and hassle free to re-apply and dries fairly quickly, it isn't too much of a bother.

I try and stay far away from the nail varnish stands in shops now. I have so, so many and it is so hard to use up a bottle of a particular colour that I really don't need any more but I really feel like I'm missing out by not at least browsing the stands these days. I can't remember the last time I bought another nail varnish but I definitely will take more of an interest now, especially in the Rimmel stand!


Wishlist // A Little Autumn Wishlist

Now that it is Autumn, I feel that I need to give my wardrobe a little bit of a tidy and a good, ruthless, going through. I have so many clothes that I never wear but can't bear to throw or give away as I used to really like them. It is surprising at how quickly we can go off items or how our tastes changes in just a matter of months. Just because I liked something last Autumn doesn't mean I am going to like it this time round!

This is just a few little items that I may treat myself to this Autumn. Well, when I throw away the majority of my wardrobe, I'm going to need to wear something, aren't I!?
I absolutely love this coat and I am so happy it is in the sale! I was browsing the ASOS sale on my phone and this was the first item that stopped me scrolling downwards. I am not usually a faux fur coat kinda person. They're okay but I never thought I would ever see one that I would actually fall in love with! I can imagine me wearing it with an outfit similar to the model - tight leather look jeans and a simple white shirt.
I actually already have a pair of lace up ankle boots similar to these but mine are from Primark and they squeak when I walk. These will be perfect for cold, crisp Autumnal days with black skinny jeans and a chunky, oversized scarf.
I am not a massive lover of animal print but I love the little leopard print finish to these shoes. I would probably wear these to work if I was feeling particularly brave!
I have a few biker jackets already and I am more than willing to add another into my collection. My most recent jacket was from Forever 21 and is made of the highest quality pleather one could buy. Every time my arms move the jacket squeaks! This one from Mango looks lovely for Autumn.
I saw this in Marks and Spencer today and immediately fell in love with it!! I don't think the photo of it on it's own nor on the model does it any justice at all. I was so upset that they didn't have my size so I couldn't try it on but it is the most perfect Autumnal faux fur coat! It is wonderfully soft, too.
This too is from Marks and Spencer and I couldn't believe it when I saw it! It instantly reminded me of the dress Tanya Burr wore to the Burberry Fashion Show recently. I'm not sure what this looks like on but it is very Burberry inspired and for £49.50 it is a true bargain!
I think this is a wonderful, simple Autumnal top. It would look lovely with the Glamorous Faux Fur Coat I featured earlier. 
When I saw this in Topshop I thought I had accidentally wondered into Chloe. This is so similar to the beautiful Chloe Drew Bag that we are seeing more and more of recently. It is available in a few different colours too. At £30, it is around £930 cheaper than the Chloe Drew Bag.
Another Chloe look-a-like!! This bag instantly reminded me of the Chloe Faye Bag. I absolutely love the Chloe Faye and would love to own one one day but for now, this slight dupe is good enough for me and my bank balance!!

What are you after this Autumn?


Haul // An American Haul

My mum has recently come home from America and luckily for me, she bought presents! I did give her some hints as to what to buy me in the form of a list, albeit a long one, and fortunately she managed to tick off quite a few of the items I had carefully written down for her. She is good, my mum. 

A lot of what I wanted came from the Bath and Body Works. Whilst doing a little bit of research for a recent post on the Bath and Body Works, I found quite a few candles that I wanted and hoped they weren't too heavy to fly home with. They have such a wonderful range of Autumnal scented items out at the moment so quite a lot of pumpkin spiced items were on my little list!

I also asked her to re-purchase a bottle of my Sephora 10 hr Wear Perfection Foundation which I am running low on. I was actually really surprised that my mum managed to locate the correct foundation and in the correct shade! I really love this foundation and at $20 I don't mind flying all the way to America to purchase a bottle.  
Suncrisp Apple Harvest // A sun-ripened scent of suncrisp apple, orchard leaves & jasmine woods
Cozy Vanilla Cream // A cozy confection of whipped frosting, sweet cream & vanilla bean
Purrfect Potion // A bewitching concoction of pumpkin, spicy cinnamon & hypnotic vanilla
Sunlight & Apple Trees // A warm autumn blend of crisp apple, sweet quince & birch wood
Ghoul Friend // A ghoulish & girly blend of strawberries, peonies & twisted citrus
Japanese Cherry Blossom // The irresistible fragrance of seductive blossoms from an exotic Japanese garden 
Hoot // Give germs the hoot with spooky sparkling pear & crisp green apples
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte // A fun fall blend of creamy pumpkin, toasted marshallows & praline
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin // A sweet autumn blend of pumpkin, vanilla cream & spicy cinnamon sticks

As I live in the UK where Halloween isn't that much of a big deal, nor is pumpkin so I was a bit unsure as to what pumpkin would actually smell like in hand sanatizer form. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised! Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin smells truly wonderful. It's light and spicy, not overpowering or too sweet at all. Unlike Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte which is just slightly too sweet for my liking although Cozy Vanilla Cream has just the right amount of sweetness to it. In all fairness, I love them all and they will keep me going until I can buy some more.
Marshmallow Fireside // A warm blend of toasted marshmallows, smoldering woods & creamy vanilla
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin // The perfect balance of sugar & spice - sweet butter, spicy pumpkin & vanilla cream

These two candles are my possibly my favourites. They both smell incredible! Marshmallow Fireside just about beats Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin to the top but they are so, so lovely. I wish you could all smell them so you can see what I am talking about! Neither of them are too sweet and sickly, nor are the overpowering. They are really light scents which have me smelling the jar every time I walk past them.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles // The scrumptious scent of warm pumpkin pecan waffles drizzled with pure maple syrup
Leaves // Celebrate falls beautiful foliage with a blend of golden nectar, red apple & spiced berries
Caramel Pumpkin Swirl // A sweet fall pairing of spicy pumpkin swirled with rich, buttery caramel

Out of the three I think Leaves is my favourite. I have no idea how to describe the smell to you but it smells slightly woody and spicy but much lighter and muted. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Caramel Pumpkin Swirl are both sweet scents that aren't too sickly at all. 
This was a little surprise gift from my mum who thought I could pop my mini candles in for safe keeping whilst burning. It's so cute! It does the job nicely and due to the copper effect, it has been welcomed with open arms into my bedroom!
I first tried this perfume in the Victoria's Secret store on Bond Street in the summer and have kicked myself for not buying it ever since. It has notes of purple passion fruit, shangri-la peony and vanilla orchard which makes it the perfect fruity scent which is slightly sweet but not too overpowering. 
Gold Emblem Pumpkin Spice Candy Corn
Gold Emblem S'mores Candy Corn
I have wanted to try candy corns for such a long time! My friend has had them before and said they were like a bland foam banana so when my mum bought these home for me, I was a bit dubious about trying them. I have only tried the pumpkin spice ones yet and they are a bit of a required taste. I didn't like them to begin with and told myself to eat one a day but I really like them now. It's quite a strong artificial taste of pumpkin but it's not that bad.


Review // Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes

I know. I know. Make-up removing wipes are terrible, terrible things. They are really bad for your skin, you should use a cream based make-up remover and cotton pads which, when used together, is like a little treat for the skin but come on, aren't make-up removing wipes just so god damn easy??

The opinion above isn't mine, by the way. I saw someone who I follow on twitter say this a while ago but it stuck with me. I love make-up removing wipes and I don't care who knows it! They are quick, easy, require very little effort at all and don't require the effort of having to stand in front of the bathroom mirror with a big wad of cotton pads and a shed load of patience. 

I am a massive fan of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It cleanses the skin whilst keeping it hydrated and removing every scrap of make-up to have ever touched the skin. It has very quickly become a little staple in my skincare routine so imagine my surprise and delight when I recently came across the Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes. *insert heart eye emoji here*

What Garnier say about their Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes:
"Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes contain thin silk fibres in a thick, soft wipe. Soaked with Micellar water, they are specially formulated for make-up removal on sensitive skin. Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture impurities and lift away dirt from the skin. No need to rub to efficiently to remove make-up. The result: In a single step, your make-up is removed and your skin feels refreshed and soothed."

I will start off by saying that I have just finished off using the driest packet of make-up removing wipes I have ever come across from Asda. I know the first wipe is probably always the driest but nope, the second, third, fourth wipe was as dry as a bone. I literally had to scrub at my face to get rid of my make-up, it was awful. They did improve however, when I read in a magazine that if you leave your make-up packet upside down, the moisture from the last few wipes sinks through all of them making them usable. I tried it and I was so surprised at how well it works! If you ever have a packet of dry wipes then simply turn the packet upside down and they won't be so dry anymore ~ top tip ~

Luckily you won't even need to bother with that hassle when you find out about the Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes. The first wipe was so satisfyingly wet (weird) that I was shocked. I am so used to dry make-up removing wipes that they have become the norm now but as these cleansing wipes are soaked with the Garnier Micellar Water, they have a lot of moisture in them which makes removing make-up the absolute dream. My make-up practically glided off my face with the help of these cleansing wipes, leaving my face incredibly soft and gentle whilst removing every scrap of make-up, including my waterproof mascara. Unlike most other make-up removing wipes, they didn't push my make-up round my face or leave greasy remains, everything was removed really quickly and gently and I didn't feel the need to immediately wash my face like I usually am when using other wipes.

I absolutely love these wipes! They remove my make-up effortlessly, they aren't dry at all and they leave my skin feeling wonderfully cleansed. And the best bit? They are currently 75p for a pack of 25 at the moment in Asda!


Outfits // The Sleeveless Jacket

Okay I suck at taking outfit posts. I feel so sad as I would love to take outfit posts but I have no-one to take them for me. I think I need some more pals. It's a shame to waste a good outfit.

Anyway, this is what I wore yesterday. I bought this jacket last week and I was a bit unsure about it to begin with. I liked it but I have essentially spent £35 on a coat with no sleeves that I can't really wear during the winter but I'm now okay with that. I really, really love it and have not stopped wearing it since. It's really warm considering it doesn't have any sleeves but I still wear long sleeved jumpers and tops to try and stay warm this autumn.

I bought this crop top either last winter or the winter before and I have never worn it before. I really liked it when I bought it, but I just couldn't find the right skirt or jeans to wear with it. I know it is cropped but I am very wary of having my tummy on show. I had appendicitis a few years ago and I now have three rather disgusting scars on my stomach which I try my hardest to hide as much as possible! I found that these jeans were okay to wear with it as they are quite high waisted so do tend to hide it as much as possible.

Let's talk about the jeans! I bought these jeans off of the American Forever 21 website, alongside a couple of other things, and got them sent to my mum's friends' house in Washington for her to pick up for me when she visited last week. It is always risky buying jeans online, even more so when you have to try and figure out the US sizing system. I have a pair of jeans I bought from Forever 21 earlier on in the year and they are a size 27 so I decided to be brave and go for a 26 and luckily they fit perfectly in the waist, although I think they are too baggy in the leg. 

When I bought the jeans (which was about a month ago) I was really into the whole ripped jeans thing but as we go into the colder months, I will probably revert back to the standard black skinny jean that are still intact. Also, it will be nice to not have to listen to people ask me if I can't afford jeans without rips in.