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Review // Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush

In the summer I went on a little trip to visit family in Germany. Family who had to go to work and go to school so for a lot of the time, I was on my own. In a country of which I do not speak the language. Even that could not stop me from going shopping!

It was pouring with rain and I was desperately trying to avoid a man in the middle of the street wanting me to give money to charity - I'm not sure what he wanted actually as I can't speak German but he was carrying a bucket and wearing a lanyard, enough said! I can't remember the name of the shop I went in to in order to escape the charity worker but it was slightly like Space NK or Sephora. I must have spent about an hour in there. They had some brands we have in the UK in there like Soap and Glory but one little stand caught my eye - the Zoeva stand.

Now, like everyone else I too would sell a couple of organs to get my hands on the Zoeva Rose Golden Brush Set, something which I would have happily bought there and then but sadly they only had the standard individual brushes. I must have stood at the stand looking at each brush for about 40 minutes. Every few minutes a sales assistant would ask me if I was okay and if I needed any help (at least, that's what I think they were saying..) but I just shook my head and smiled in a bid to be left alone. I ended up purchasing two, the Zoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush and the Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush.

I actually bought the crease brush for my sister and the concealer brush for myself as I thought I could do with a small buffing brush, not necessarily for concealer as I don't really wear it much. Most of my make-up brushes are from Real Techniques and boy, if you think they are soft to touch then you need to touch these badboys. They are so soft and gentle on the skin, absolutely perfect for the gentle eye area where I find some brushes can scratch and irritate the eyes. Not these brushes, though.

About the Zoeva 142 Concealer Buffer Brush:
"ZOEVA 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush is an innovative makeup tool which flawlessly applies and blends concealer and correction makeup. Beautifully soft and caring for the delicate eye area, 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush offers great coverage to conceal dark circles and discolouration around the eyes with cream, liquid or powder concealers.

The roundly bound, Vegan Taklon bristles fit perfectly around the eyes and into every small corner of the face for effortless application. Perfect for hiding redness and dark circles, 142 Concealer and Buffer Brush allows you to achieve a flawless and natural makeup finish."
I have used this buffer brush once for it's purpose and it buffed the concealer into my skin perfectly. It was incredibly easy to blend and buffed the concealer into the skin perfectly. I usually use just my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to buff my concealer into my skin but this brush performs so much better than that as it fits into the under eye area perfectly due to the small, round in shape, bristles. 

As I said, I don't wear concealer too much so I needed to find another purpose for this brush. I thought I would use it for eyeshadow as it would be perfect to buff and blend soft powder eyeshadows out but I found another use for the buffer brush. Paint Pots!

I use MAC Paint Pots every day. Painterly is my holy grail, I love it so much and if they ever discontinued it I would incredibly upset. I have 5 or 6 Paint Pots now and usually apply them with my fingers but I decided to try applying them with the buffer brush instead and you know what? It is perfect! The buffer brush blends the paint pot into the eyelids and up to the brow bone wonderfully and it does such a better job than my fingers do.

I am so in love with this concealer buffer brush. Zoeva brushes are excellent quality for money, the brush is so soft on the skin and I have had no problems with bristle fallout. If I had tried this brush without buying it myself, I would have thought that the brush was a hell of a lot more expensive than £7.95. I think I am now ready to place an order for a few more Zoeva brushes and I may even treat myself to the beloved rose gold set!



  1. Great review! This brush sounds amazing, it's definitely on my wishlist now! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. It is definitely worth a try if you can get hold of one! x

  2. I have the Zoeva Rose Gold ones and I LOVE THEM! I agree with you, they are so soft! I also use Mac Paint Pots with my finger, so I need to try to do it with this brush :)

    1. I do revert back to using my fingers when applying paint pots but it is super easy when using this brush! I would love to try some more x

  3. Great review! Definitely want to find myself some Zoeva brushes now!

    1. They are so worth it! Next on my list is the rose gold collection x