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Review // MAC Powder Blush in Style

I absolutely adore MAC blushers. They are the best I have ever tried and the best I have ever owned. I know at £18.50 they are slightly pricier than drugstore brands but please trust me when I say they are so worth it!

My first MAC blush was the MAC Powder Blush in Harmony. It has been nothing but a dream to me. It is the most perfect neutral shade, absolutely perfect for contouring and I think I wear it pretty much every day. So, as Harmony has served me well for so long, it is about time I purchased another.

Say hello to the MAC Powder Blush in Style. Style is the most gorgeous shimmery golden coral, a shade the photos don't do any real justice to. There is the most wonderful iridescent shimmer running throughout which adds a little something extra to a plain coral powder blush. Like Harmony, it has a generous amount of pigmentation so a quick swipe and a buff and you are good to go. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the coral shade to this powder blush but that isn't what swung it for me. Look at that shimmer! Not only can you use Style as a blush, but also as a highlight. It looks wonderful on top of the cheekbones for a flash of golden shimmer on top of another peachy toned blusher.

I absolutely love this blush/highlight hybrid. MAC powder blushers last an age. I have owned Harmony for a good few years now, wear it nearly every day and I have barely made a start on it. A little goes a long way and you really get your moneys worth out of them. Style is the perfect shimmery coral which is perfect on its own as a blush or on top of the cheekbones as a highlight. For £18.50 you get a 2-in-1 product which is well worth every penny.



  1. It's so true that MAC's blushers lasts forever! This shade sounds lovely! Love the shimmery look of it :)

    xo, Jessie | Bear and Berries

    1. Thank you. They are such great value for money even though it does feel a bit "eeep, how much??" when you buy one for the first time! x

  2. This is such a pretty coral shade!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  3. I've never heard of this blush before, but I think I just fell in love <3 It's perfect!

    Wendy | XOBeautyAddict.com

  4. This blush is gorgeous... the perfect Spring shade!

    Emily xo

  5. This color is so perfect!


  6. I've never tried MAC blushes! They look lovely tho xo