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Review // Glimmer Watercolor Temporary Tattoos in Daydream

Glimmer Watercolor Temporary Tattoos - £11.99*
Following on from my recent post on the Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos, today I have the Glimmer Watercolor Temporary Tattoos* to share with you and boy, are they good! I absolutely adored the metallic temporary tattoos and these are just on a whole other level.

About Glimmer
Glimmer Body Art is the creation of a young, creative, married couple in California. They first created the Glimmer Body Art Glitter Tattoos which quickly became an overnight success and Glimmer quickly became the #1 manufacturer of glitter tattoos and supplies. Caroline Beau de Lomenie spotted the beautiful range whilst in New York and fell in love. She bought Glimmer across to the UK and has become the UK brand guardian. 

About The Product
Available in three different versions, the Glimmer Watercolor Temporary Tattoos are wonderful. You have the choice out of the Daydream, Free Spirit and Believe sets, with each set coming with two sheets of temporary tats with around 20 individual tattoos in each pack. As the name suggests, each tattoo is watercolour inspired and they are so realistic that it looks as if someone has hand-painted them onto the skin.

Like all of the Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos, each of the Watercolor Tattoos vary in different shapes, sizes and colours. I love the little quote tattoos although it is a little hard to read what they are, I'm talking about the word tattoo next to the feather in the photos above. If anyone has any idea as to what that tattoo says then please let me know!

How To Apply
Carefully cut out the tattoo you want and peel off the clear film. Press to clean, dry skin and carefully dampen with a flannel or a sponge. Press for around 20 seconds then carefully peel away. The tattoos should last between 2-5 days depending on wear.

How To Remove
Just apply a little body oil onto your tattoo and rub away with cotton wool - no laser tattoo removal needed!

In the Daydream pack, I was immediately drawn to the feather, the arrows and the infinity symbol tattoos. Look how pretty they are! On the front cover of the pack, the model is wearing the feather tattoo around her neck but I really wanted to give it a go on my arm, just to see what it would look like if I were to get a real one. My sister fell in love with the giant water lily tattoo and she decided she wanted it on her thigh as she is thinking about getting a real tattoo there.

They were both really easy to apply and I absolutely love the feather temporary tattoo! Isn't it lovely? I have fooled a lot of people by asking them if they like my new tattoo. Some are easily fooled and tell me it looks nice and whilst the others adored it, they knew I'm not brave enough to really get it done! It is so pretty on my arm, it was hard not to stare at it on the skin all day. It lasted well over a week on the skin with showering but it did crack a little so I rather reluctantly had to scrub it off!

I absolutely love the Glimmer Temporary Tattoos. They are so easy to use, fun and last quite a while too. You get such a vast variety of tattoos within each pack, you are bound to find at least one that you would want to wear! I loved wearing the feather tattoo so much that I am now considering getting a real one!

Update: Glimmer have very kindly allowed me to offer you lovely people 20% off the Glimmer range from now up until Christmas. Just use the code 'TEDDY20' at checkout! They would make great stocking fillers!

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