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Recent Purchases // Primark Copper Homeware

Primark Copper Candle - £3.00
Primark Coasters - £2.50
I am slowly trying to re-decorate my bedroom with rose gold and copper decorations. At the moment my bedroom is very white with a little bit of everything colour-wise but as I am growing up, my tastes are changing and I would like to get rid of my childish childhood decorations to make way for more grown up pieces. 

I recently decorated my bedroom with my Polargram prints and I put them into a really large photo frame to add a little bit of colour to my bedroom. Ideally, that will be the only colour in there as I really want the rest of my bedroom to be full of copper, rose gold and other metallics. I recently went to Primark and picked up these little beauties.

 As soon as I saw the copper candle I immediately put it into my basket. I don't plan on lighting it, I just want it purely for decorative purposes! The candle itself does smell a quite light and pleasant scent but not enough to ruin the look of the candle - is that sad? Ha ha. 

I thought the little coasters would be perfect for my bedroom to add a little edge of rose gold due to the rose gold trim around the heart. I think they were between £2-£2.50 but I can't remember the exact cost of them. Also available in Primark were rose gold photos frames. They weren't a metal frame and more made out of a plastic material so for that reason I didn't buy any but I did like the look of them. 

I have quickly become a little bit obsessed with rose gold homeware and can't wait to find some more! Next on the list: a rose gold lamp...


  1. Primark have some home ware gems sometimes. Didn't realise they'd started to do Rose Gold things though. The coasters are so cute x

    A Little Peep Into My Life

    1. I always forget to look in Primark for homeware but after finding these, I will definitely have another look in there x

  2. Primark are doing some amazing home pieces at the moment. I nearly picked up this candle today - Gutted I didn't now! x


    1. Hopefully it will still be there next time you pop in! x