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Other // Enablers | Part One

Like most people, I read a lot of blogs. I read blogs to find out about different products I haven't heard of before, other bloggers most loved products that I too, might fall in love with. I read to find out about new releases, launches and re-brands, and more importantly, I read blogs to find out about new things I should buy as quite frankly, I am very easily persuaded.

I thought I would start a few new blog posts featuring the products other bloggers have persuaded me to buy featuring links to the bloggers who persuaded me. It's nice to find new blogs to read and all of the blogs I will feature are my faves :)
The Bralet
Originally from Beautyandtheblog and her blog post here
Find the bralet here
As soon as I saw this bralet and the way Michelle styled it, I knew it would find its ways into my online basket. I love the way she styled it with an open denim shirt and now I must recreate it immediately. 

The Highlighter
Originally from Laurzah and her blog post here
Find the highlighter here
How beautiful does this highlighter look in Laura's photos? I can only imagine how dreamy this Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter will appear on the skin. At $38 it is fairly high end but it looks as if it is really pigmented and a little will go a long way so I don't mind splurging on a product if it will last me a while.

The Nail Varnish
Originally from ChristineIversen and her blog post here
Find the nail varnish here
Look how pretty this nail varnish is! I absolutely love the L'oreal Color Riche range; there are a variety of different colours which are all rich in pigmentation and last a really long time in the nails without chipping. Cliche Mania looks like the most perfect berry shade for Autumn and I can't wait to get it on my nails!

The Highlighting Dome
Originally from Pull-Yourself-Together and her blog post here
Find the highlighting dome here
Another product Hannah has raved about which has persuaded me to get my purse out! I love the idea of this little highlighting dome, The idea is that you apply it to the cheeks for a natural golden highlight which is creamy in texture and comes in three different shades. I really can't wait to give this a try!

The Face Primer
Originally from Pull-Yourself-Together and her blog post here
Find the face primer here
I really love the Benefit Porefessional primer but as I have nearly run out, I am on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. Hannah raved around this primer saying it made her foundation last longer and made her skin feel soft since using it so for £5.00 it is well worth giving a try.

The Chair
Originally from OhZoe and her blog post here
Find the chair here
Like everyone else, I too love the Eames Chair. But, after seeing the price tag I immediately forgot all about it until I saw this blog post. I often buy replica handbags on eBay but I had no idea you could buy replica home-ware on there too! At £11.99, this chair saves you well over £300. Bargain!

The Marble Initial Print
Originally from OhZoe and her blog post here
Find the marble initial print here
I am recently re-decorating my bedroom, taking away all of the childish decorations and adding in more grown up pieces. This initial print is absolutely perfect for my bedroom! Like a typical blogger, I too have grown to love all things marble so this print is like the most perfect creation.

The Copper Desk Lamp
Originally from Cocochicblog and her blog post here
Find the copper desk lamp here
I was so excited when I saw this blog post from Steph! I have been after a copper lamp like this for my bedroom for forever and never quite found the right one but this one seems absolutely perfect! I will finish off with the copper light shade and I am good to go!!



  1. I love the idea of this post! And some lovely looking products you picked out too!

    Nicole | nicolelaurenblake.co.uk