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Other // Beauty Chores

I love make-up and all things beauty. I love putting make-up on, trying out different eyeshadows and finding out how to blend them best. I love freshly painted, glossy nails.. There is a but coming. Don't you just ever find that some beauty related tasks are such a chore?? Here are a few tasks that have me eye-rolling and sighing before I have even begun.

Taking Nail Varnish Off
I am a firm believer that nails look much better with nail varnish on (well, mine do anyway!) but I really cannot stand chipped nails. As soon as I see a small, tiny chip then it is on my mind until I re-do my nail varnish or I will pick it all off so I can start again. One task I really dislike doing is taking nail varnish off. I hate the feel of cotton wool so I use the Bourjois Magic Nail Varnish Remover which is really easy to use - stick your finger in the little hole (!), give it a little wiggle and your nails will be polish free but it is still a chore I dislike doing and I will put it off until the last moment if I could do!

Putting Nail Varnish On
If having to take the stuff off is bad, I find having to apply it even worse. I love painted nails too much to not go through the process of applying nail varnish but having to wait for it to dry, noticing you missed a spot, having to re-apply, wait for it to dry again just to smudge 4 nails as soon as you move slightly irritating. It is worth it in the end. She says. 

Washing Make-Up Brushes
I think everyone hates washing their make-up brushes, don't they? I try and wash them once a week so they are fresh and clean for the new week coming but I have so many, it takes so long and it is slightly boring but I have to admit, it is quite satisfying watching the foundation stained water running clear after a good old scrub. Washing make-up brushes is a bit of a chore but at least I still do it. My sister told me the other day that her friend hasn't washed her make-up brushes since April. It's September!

Shaving is a real chore, isn't it? I don't think there is any denying it. No-one gets excited about having to remove body hair with a shard piece of metal. Especially when you think you have finished just to go out in daylight and realise that you missed a spot by your knee and you have to start the torturous task all over again. At least Autumn and Winter is coming, right girls??!

Fake Tanning
I don't fake tan purely because of the prep beforehand. Shaving, exfoliating, moisturising, trying to apply the fake tan evenly, the waiting for it to dry before realising that yes, you did miss a big patch behind your knee after all. A task I am okay with missing.

Drying Hair
I find drying my hair a massive chore. It is quite long and thick so it takes quite a while for it to dry with a hairdryer. I try and dry it upside down to get more volume and ooomph into it but when you are stood with your head upside down for 15 minutes trying to dry it as quick as you can, the blood rushes to your head after a while and you need a little sit down to recover.

Taking Make-Up Off
I find taking my make-up off a real hard thing to do, especially when it looks so wonderful. When my eyeliner is on point I do think about leaving it on and just going to bed but no, that is a bad thing to do. So out comes the make-up remover and I have to wipe away the MAC and the Benefit and watch it go straight into the bin. *Sob*

Putting Make-Up On
I actually really love putting make-up on but there are some days where I wish I could just press a button and my make-up could magically appear on my face. Admittedly it doesn't take too long to put make-up on but it would still be quite nice to have the choice of applying it yourself or just pressing a button!

So, those are my beauty chores, what are yours??



  1. I agree with all these chores! Especially the ones to do with nails! x
    han // em&han xo

    1. I always drag out doing my nails for as long as possible! xx

  2. I feel like removing makeup is the worst! Partly due to the fact I feel like i'm wasting makeup and also because I always seem to miss a spot, ugh.

    Charlie | chxrlxe

    1. Me too, especially eye make-up! I always notice the next day that I didn't remove it properly. Especially mascara! xx

  3. Removing makeup and washing brushes. Hate doing it!