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Other // Apps To Up Your Instagram Game

Up until recently I had no idea that there was such a thing called Instagram themes or Instagram layouts. I didn't realise that people were so dedicated to their Instagram page that they would delete photos that didn't fit their theme, edit photos so they appeared brighter to fit the rest of their Instagram photos and add a white border so their accounts were aesthetically pleasing. After finding out all of this information I realised I had to up my Instagram game.

I did a little tiny bit of research and downloaded a couple of apps to my iPhone to see if they would enhance my photos in any way. Here are a few of my faves!

Apps To Achieve The White Border
I am really guilty of this one! I am a little late to the white border party and it took me quite a while to find an app that did what I wanted it to do. I am sure everyone knows about Whitagram by now. Whitagram allows you to upload a portrait photo without having to crop or lose any of the original image. It also leaves a thick border down both sides of the photo which I, personally, am not too much of a fan of so I always crop it out then upload it to another app, Moldiv. Moldiv allows you to upload a photo before letting you choose the border thickness, spacing, rounded edges, shadow or margin whilst letting you choose the size of the image. Out of the two, Moldiv is my favourite but I do think you lose some quality when you save it to Instagram.

Apps To Create A Collage
I haven't yet made a collage but I quite like the idea of having two pictures in one photo. If you type 'photo collage' into the app store then you will have a field day as thousands of results come up. You could root through all of them if you wanted to but they all pretty much do the same thing. My favourite, Moldiv, allows you to create a collage in any way imaginable, as does Pic Stitch, Photo Grid and Framatic.

Apps To Enhance Brightness
One of my favourite things to do when I edit my Instagram photos is to enhance the brightness. Sometimes when you take a lovely photo but it is just far too dark you need to brighten it up a little bit so these apps can be a bit of a saviour. A very popular app to do this is Afterlight. Afterlight allows you to edit the exposure and brightness of your photos to perk them up a little bit, although you do have to pay a small fee for the app. Another app you can use to edit the brightness is Whitagram. With Whitagram you can really easily edit the brightness of your photo at the swipe of a button and it is pretty foolproof! Other apps to use for enhancing photo brightness is Photoshop Express, Photo Editor by Aviary and Fotor.

Apps With Amazing Filters
We all love a filter, don't we? I used to absolutely adore the Valencia app on Instagram and used it on nearly every photo I uploaded onto the app. A really popular app for filters is the VSCO Cam app. On the VSCO Cam app you have a variety of unique filters which instantly improves your images. You can also have a little search through the app to find some extra free filters to download. Other apps which have great filters are Whitagram, Afterlight and Litely.

Other Apps Worth Mentioning
There are also a few apps well worth mentioning which don't really fit into the categories above. Lumie is an app which lets you apply Bokeh effects to your photos. If you aren't sure what that means then you can add little effects to your photos such as little hearts or dots which looks like little rays of light. Another wonderful app if the A Beautiful Mess app. A Beautiful Mess allows you to add filters, fonts and hand-drawn doodles to your photos to personalize them. It is really fun and you could spend a lot of time messing around with your pictures in order to brighten them up a little! Finally, Image Blender is a great app which allows you to add overlays and patterns to your images. You can either use the patterns they provide you with or you can find some inspiration from the internet. It's a great way to add a little something extra to your photos.

Apps Mentioned
Whitagram - free
Moldiv - free
Pic Stitch - free
Photo Grid - free
Framatic - free
Afterlight - 79p
Photoshop Express - free
Photo Editor by Aviary - free
Fotor - free
VSCO Cam - free
Litely - free
Lumie - £1.49
A Beautiful Mess - 79p
Image Blender - £2.29

What are your favourite apps?

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