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Inspiration // Office Inspiration

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have had a bit of an annoying day today. Today I spent around 4 hours in IKEA. On a Sunday afternoon. Optimistic, I know. It was as you can imagine, hellish. I came away with a jar, a milk bottle, a chair and a desk. Now, this desk..

I have wanted a desk for a while now. A little space of my own to do some blogging and concentrate rather than doing it on the sofa in front of the telly like I have been doing for the past goodness knows how long. I also wanted a desk as an excuse to buy an iMac but shh! So I uhmmed and ahhhed over two different desks in IKEA today for around 2 hours, purchased one, then remembered I have a bedroom the size of a room that even Harry Potter himself would laugh at. I only bought a small desk, this IKEA Micke Desk to be exact, to go with the IKEA Snille Swivel Chair. I was very cautious and aware that I didn't have much room to play with but alas, I only had to lay the box out to see that yes, it would fit in my bedroom but with the chair in there too I wouldn't have much room to move around in. Since then I have sat and stared at the box for and hour and a half, in hope it would either make my room somewhat bigger or the desk somewhat smaller but funnily enough, everything has remained the same!

For now, I will ponder what to do with it and see if I can squeeze it into my house somewhere else but for now, here is some office inspiration that I can only dream of!

Gone are the days where you have to have a boring office with a noticeboard and a black computer chair - look how pretty these offices are! Do you have an office? What is it like?

Now, excuse me whilst I go and find somewhere else in my house to put my desk...

(All photos are from Pinterest)

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