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Review // Victoria's Secret Body Mist

Have you ever bought too many of one item then thought "damn, maybe I shouldn't have bought so many?" No? Me neither. Why buy one when you can buy in bulk, huh?

When I went on a little holiday earlier on in the year to America, I couldn't resist a little look around a Victoria's Secret store or two. Whilst it has been a good few months ago since I went, I recently re-discovered a little stash of products I bought when I was there that I forgot all about. This stash includes....7 body mists?

I remember at the time I bought so many because they had a deal on in store that if I bought so many I would get so many for free or something like that.. To be totally honest, I didn't need much persuading in buying so many. They all smelt so lovely and I thought they would make lovely presents. Admittedly, I am yet to give any away but it is just a matter of time before someone prizes them out of my hands.

Like when smelling any fragrances, if you smell enough within a short amount of time they all start to smell the same after a while. I just smelt them all again for the purpose of this post and by the time I got to the last one I was certain they were all various variations of each other but they really aren't.

Fuji apple and vanilla orchid.
"Seductive and alluring, the new VS Fantasies Passion Struck Fragrance Mist ignites passion and intensity."
Star-fruit and white orchid.
"A vibrant, floral fragrance. Steal the spotlight in Such a Flirt, a tease of tempting starfruit and white orchid."
White cotton and pink lily.
"An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Fall in Sheer Love, bright and cheerful with fresh white cotton and luminous pink lily. Experience the luxury of fragrance."
Cherry orchid and lily blossom.
"Flirt with the bright freshness of cherry orchid and lily blossom, infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile."
Honeysuckle and jasmine.
"An irresistible, fresh fragrance. Enchant in Secret Charm, a bright bouquet of fresh honeysuckle captivated by soft jasmine. Experience the luxury of fragrance."

Such A Flirt and Sheer Love and beautifully soft, light and floral scents whereas Total Attraction is a lovely fruity and sweet fragrance. Secret Charm is a lovely sweet and floral scent with the jasmine notes whereas Passion Struck smells slightly different compared to the others. It is a deeper scent and smells fruity with the apple scent coming through.

Unlike some perfumes and body sprays, I find that the Victoria's Secret Body Mists last forever, on the body and in the bottle. A 250ML bottle lasts a very long time so you definitely get your moneys worth with the product. The scents linger on the body all day too so you can smell beautiful all day long.

I know Victoria's Secret is very much an American thing but they are slowly bringing all of their wonderful products to the UK. Their store just off Bond Street is a haven for underwear, swimwear, gymwear, beauty products, handbags... You could spend hours just walking around having a look at everything. If you can't get to one of their UK stores then they do ship to the UK online. At the moment you can buy 5 body mists for just £19.75 which is a great deal considering they are usually £9.22 each. Although you will have to spend about £19 for the privilege of getting it shipped to the UK as they don't have a British website. 


  1. Hi :)
    Love this post, really want to try these. I've heard so many great things about these body mists.
    Clementine (Clem) xx

    1. They are wonderful! They last absolutely ages and all smell lovely x

  2. Total Attraction is one of my faves! I have 5 of the VS scents, they smell soooo good :)x

    Anu♡ | My life as Anu | bloglovin

    1. I love them so much! Definitely my favourite body mists x

  3. I always use these! My favourite fragrances! I buy mine off eBay brand new for about £8 x

    1. That's a good idea! I will have to do that when I run out x

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