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Review // NuBand Activ+ Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

I recently joined the gym. I know. Unlikely, but true. I absolutely love the idea of going to the gym. In fact, it is probably the best bit. I feel so happy when I have my gym wear on, my trainers on my feet, my gym bag weighing me down. I feel rather smug as I trot up to my gym, headphones on, One Direction blaring. I feel like saying to every passerby "Look at me, I am going to the gym."

When I am at the gym I become slightly obsessed with all of the information on screen, for example, how far I have ran and how many calories I have burnt. It spurs me on to a run a little faster or for a little longer, just to round up those numbers on the screen. Which got me thinking about how it would be great to find out all of that information during the day, not just when I am at the gym. I thought about buying a Fitbit Flex but then when I was in Argos I found a cheaper alternative, the Nuband Activ+ Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker.

About The NuBand Activ+
The NuBand Activ+ allows you to set daily, weekly and monthly workout goals and also helps you to achieve them by regularly monitoring your performance against your goal. Its features include a free app, sports monitor, sleep tracker, smart alarm and clock. Improve your health at the touch of a button. 

The NuBand Activ+ promises to do nearly as much as the Fitbit Flex but for £35.00 cheaper. It doesn't have the opportunity to log your food but that didn't bother me too much. All that I wanted was the ability to track how many steps I took, how long I walked for and how many calories I burnt.

How The NuBand Active+ Works
Like the Fitbit, the NuBand also has a free, downloadable app that will work with iOS and Android. You don't have to use it with your phone, however, as all of the results will come up on the little LCD screen but you cannot set goals or track your sleep this way. I really love the idea of using it against the app for a more in-depth review of my day and to see how well I have done against my target so I was really excited to use it. The NuBand doesn't come in different sizes but it does have a really easy-to-use wrist band with the little holes so you can tighten it to fit your requirements. I have really, really small wrists so I wondered if it would be a bit too big for me but luckily it fits perfectly and doesn't look stupid on.

It comes with a little USB cable which you use to charge it up with which is easy enough, although when you first purchase it you must charge it for a couple of hours to get it going. I happily downloaded the free NuBand app and followed the instructions in the booklet in order to sync the tracker to my phone and unfortunately, that is as far as I got.

No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get the two to sync together. I deleted and re-downloaded the app multiple times. I turned the tracker on and off multiple of times. I even downloaded the app onto my iPod to see if it would work that way and, nope, it just would not sync. I turned to the packaging to see if maybe it wasn't compatible with my phone or my iPod and it says:
"compatible with iOS 7.0 & Android 1.4 and above."
So it should work perfectly with my phone which has iOS 7.0 and it just would not sync. I persuaded a friend to try it on her iPhone 5c and it worked perfectly fine for her so I was in a bit of a pickle.

I turned to the NuBand website for some tech support but unfortunately there is none. I then turned to the next best thing, twitter. I found their twitter handle and tweeted them about it but 3 weeks later I have had no response. 

I am really disappointed in this product, and their non-existent tech support. I always said I would never post an entirely negative review regarding a product but I can't find any thing nice to say about it, other than it is cheaper than a Fitbit. Sadly, it just doesn't work for me. 


  1. Good honest review. I've recently started trying to get a lot fitter and was thinking about getting something like this but will be avoiding the NuBand. Can't believe there is not support whatsoever for a product like this! :) xx

    1. Thank you! I think I will try out the FitBit next but it is a bit pricey xx

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