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Review // MAC Pressed Pigment in Moth

I am a little bit of a make-up hoarder. I have a little box in my bedroom full of make-up ready and waiting patiently to be used. I recently dug out this little beauty. A MAC Pressed Pigment in Moth. A Pressed Pigment is just like the standard Pigment but pressed down in an easy to use pan. They apply just like a regular eyeshadow without losing the intensity of a regular pigment.

What MAC say about their Pressed Pigments:
"An intensely creamy highlighter offering extreme pearlescence and versatility of finish. Apply dry for a high shine or on damp skin for a dramatic wet look. Provides eye-catching sheer-to-moderate buildable coverage and natural dimension finish."

Moth is described as a "mauve with silver pearl" on the MAC website. When you apply this Pressed Pigment dry, you get a very sheer powder with a pretty silver shimmer running throughout but the mauve is not noticeable on my skin at all which I think is a real shame. When applied wet, Moth is much more vibrant and noticeable on the skin. To do this I dampened my eyeshadow brush slightly, coated the brush with Moth then brushed onto the eyelids on top of my MAC Paint Pot in Frozen Violet, which I have reviewed here.

The results were lovely. I was left with a beautifully pigmented violet mauve with very shimmery silver particles running throughout. My photos do it no justice at all but it is truly wonderful. I found the mix of both MAC products complimented each other wonderfully and the whole look stayed in place all day without even a hint of glitter fallout. 

Since then I have worn this product dry on top of my MAC Paint Pot in Stormy Pink, link here, and I loved the results, perhaps even more than on top of Frozen Violet. Stormy Pink is a completely matte muted lavender and when used with Moth, the whole look instantly perks up. For this I completely love the MAC Pressed Pigment in Moth. It looks wonderful wet and dry on top of other eyeshadows and whilst I wouldn't necessarily wear it on it's own, it instantly perks up a cool toned, muted shade.


  1. This is my type of shadow! What a perfect colour.
    Ivory Avenue

    1. It is so wearable and perfect for Autumn! x

  2. This looks like the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter. It's so pretty! x


    1. Definitely! It is one of my favourites x