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Review // Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos in Luxe Silver

I have wanted a tattoo for a while now but there are a couple of things stopping me. 1. The obvious self-inflicted pain. 2. My indecisiveness. The thought of loving a tattoo for a few days or so then absolutely hating it and being stuck with it for the rest of my life is terrifying, and probably just my luck. Luckily, there is such a thing called temporary tattoos.

I recently had the opportunity to try out some Glimmer Temporary Tattoos* and I was so excited. Available in two different varieties, Metallic Tattoos and Watercolour Tattoos, I have both to review for you but for today, let's have a little look at the Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos. First though, let me tell you a little bit more about Glimmer.

About Glimmer
Glimmer Body Art is the creation of a young, creative, married couple in California. They first created the Glimmer Body Art Glitter Tattoos which quickly became an overnight success and Glimmer quickly became the #1 manufacturer of glitter tattoos and supplies. Caroline Beau de Lomenie spotted the beautiful range whilst in New York and fell in love. She bought Glimmer across to the UK and has become the UK brand guardian. 

About The Product
Available in three different shades (gold, silver and rose gold) and an up-coming celeb range, the Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos are nothing like I have seen before. I think some people can think of temporary tattoos as a bit childish. When we were younger we all, at some point, went home from a child's birthday party with some sort of temporary tattoo, albeit a heart, a star or a skull & cross bones but these are so much better than that. They aren't childish in any way, they are made with adults and teens in mind so luckily there is no skull & cross bones in sight.

In the pack you receive two sheets of metallic tattoos with about 20 individual tattoos altogether, depending on how you would want to wear them. You have beautiful jewellery inspired temporary tattoos which all vary in size but keep their metallic shine. I absolutely love the bracelet inspired tattoos which I can't wait to try out but first, my sister and I decided to try out the word tattoos.

How To Apply
Carefully cut out the tattoo you want and peel off the clear film. Press to clean, dry skin and carefully dampen with a flannel or a sponge. Press for around 20 seconds then carefully peel away. The tattoos should last between 2-5 days depending on wear.

My sister decided she wanted the tattoo which read 'Wanderlust'. I carefully followed the instructions above but as I peeled the paper away, I managed to take off the final letter with it too which was a pain but we managed to kind of (?) put it right. I really wanted the 'Faith' tattoo on my wrist and it was so easy! I really love the final result. It holds its wonderful silver metallic shade and has not cracked, peeled off or moved in over 2 days which is remarkable considering I have showered twice since applying.

How To Remove
Just apply a little body oil onto your tattoo and rub away with cotton wool - no laser tattoo removal needed!

Overall, I really love these Glimmer Metallic Temporary Tattoos. They are super easy to use and are real fun. They are perfect for a festival or a party and if you don't like them then you can easily remove them, unlike a real tattoo. 

Update: Glimmer have very kindly allowed me to offer you lovely people 20% off the Glimmer range between now and Christmas. Just enter 'TEDDY20' at the checkout - they would make great stocking fillers!


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