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Recent Purchases // The £1.75 Passport Holder

Admittedly this was a recent purchase 8 months ago when I first bought it but that's neither here or there. I purchased this at the end of January just before my holiday to Washington DC where I was travelling solo. I was incredibly nervous about travelling alone and thought a passport holder would cheer me up. Weirdly it did.

I have never had a passport holder before and to be honest, I never really saw the point of one. It was only when I picked up my sister's passport when I was getting my documentation ready for my trip that I realised it would be nice to have an easier way of recognizing my passport to that of other family members. Yeah, I could just whip open the back and have a look at the disgusting photograph but then I thought a nice neon coloured passport cover would stand out in my bag for when I needed to get it ready to show the un-nerving but friendly people at passport control in America.

I bought this from eBay where the listing states that the passport holder is real leather and to be honest, I very much doubt that. It is soft but in no way leather soft. Obviously I bought a UK version but I think you can buy passport holders for various different countries too. I typed 'passport holder' into eBay and bought the first one to come up (after about 20 mins of deciding which colour to buy). For £1.75 I wasn't too bothered about the quality, I just bought it purely so I could see it in my bag better than the deep burgundy that is accustomed. It arrived within a couple of days and was just how I expected it to be. I bought a lovely light blue shade and luckily, for once, the product is exactly like it is in the photo!

Fit wise it is a little bit of a tight squeeze. It is a bit of a wrestle to get the passport in (and out) of the holder which can be a bit of a pain when you are stood wearily in London Heathrow after an 8 hour overnight flight and the stony faced woman barks at you to take it out of the holder so she can ensure you are in fact a UK citizen. Overall though, for £1.75 I now have a wonderfully bright passport holder which does the job you want it to do nicely and for the very small price, I might even buy the hot pink version too.


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