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Personal // When I Grow Up I Want To Be...

If only life were that easy, huh? 

I am 21 years old and I still have no idea what I want to 'be' when I grow up. I just have no idea. Every day I change my mind and my thoughts change. I can be driving on my way to work and still wonder about what I want to do with my life.

I currently work in a jewellery shop. I sell gemstones, diamonds and watches to the general public and as nice as it is, I know that I can't see myself doing it forever. Will I still be stood behind that till in 30 years time? Absolutely not. The problem with having a job where you happily go in each day then go home again is that it becomes very routine and comfortable. I could comfortably stay there. I want to be pushed into doing something that will excite and interest me. I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone and thrown in at the deep end. But, how do I know what that is? When will I ever know?

You can ask anyone you know about what you should be doing with your life and someone will always have an opinion. I have asked a few people about what they think I should be doing and this is what they said.

Police Woman
Okay, so maybe I am naturally observant of others (or just god damn suspicious of everyone) and potentially nosey but is that a good enough reason to be in charge of keeping the bad people away? Can I imagine myself roaming the streets, ensuring the people of Britain are safe from the worlds criminals who are set out to destroy our world and the people in it? Well, perhaps not. I can't imagine myself patrolling with a little hat, a set of handcuffs and a baton to beat people with. This suggestion was that of my Nan. She told my Aunt who responded with "Louise wouldn't like to be around those unsanitary people." She would be correct.

Air Hostess
Now this one, I could imagine myself doing. In fact, I have actually applied to be Cabin Crew for British Airways. I can envisage myself in a little suit greeting passengers as they step foot onto the plane, excited about their travel ahead. It would be so exciting getting to travel the world, visiting new destinations each day and experiencing more of the world that is outside of the M4 corridor. 

I used to be a nanny and whilst it was just about one of the worst experiences of my life (perhaps a blog post will be more informative), some people do think I should go back to child care. The difference between an au-pair and a nanny is that an au-pair moves into a family home, often abroad, to see new sights, broaden new horizons and occasionally be in charge of a child or two. My only negative thought about heading back into the world of being at a families beck and call is that, if I were to au-pair and live with a family abroad, as much as the experience and opportunity would be wonderful, if you didn't get on you would be stuck in a foreign country with a cluster of people who hate you. 

Make-Up Artist
My one regret about my college days is that I chose subjects that I didn't really want to do. Media studies, film studies and photography. Really, Louise? I wish I studied media make-up instead. I love make-up and whilst I am not so great at applying it to my own face, I love nothing more than applying it to others. My favourite thing about my sister being home is that she may, if I am lucky, let me do her make-up which I completely enjoy.

An Important Person With A Desk
This could cover many job roles but I have always wanted my own desk. For no specific reason, just because. My sister is currently studying Business at University and we have come to the agreement that when she has her own business I will be her assistant. An assistant who sits and does not do much other than play Solitaire on the computer and does the occasional coffee run. She reluctantly agreed.

Own My Own Coffee Shop
I love nothing more than cute little coffee shops where they sell cute little cakes. In my little mind I can see myself running my own shop. I see pastel colours, white washed wood flooring, drinks out of milk bottles and jars and dozens of cupcakes topped with a big swirl of buttercream. I will be in the back making the cakes and I would never have to talk to anyone or have to interact with the public. It would be great.

Own My Own Online Shop
How exciting would that be? I can envisage myself selling cute stationary, prints, pencils, jewellery.... I would enjoy picking the items to sell, watching orders come in and hell, I would even enjoy taking them all to the post office to be posted. 

A Blogger
Okay, so maybe I have been rather laid back on the old blog front but I am trying and I am definitely going to try harder. I have bought a new layout which I adore and I am trying to get organised and maybe buy a new camera to take my photos to the next level with. I am also thinking about maybe changing blog name and buying a domain but we will see. It would be great to turn a little hobby into a career though.

What do you want to be when you 'grow up'? At what point did you realise what you wanted to do with your life?

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