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Other // My Favourite Instagrammers

 We all love Instagram. I love nothing more than scrolling through my feed, liking photos as I go. My favourites include, but are not limited to; photos of food, outfits, make-up, pets and the occassional photo of Harry Styles. 

Recently, the lovely Natalie from youralmostalice compiled a little list of her favourite Instagrammers and I was very lucky to be included. You can read that here. Feeling inspired, I decided to do my own little version. Oh, and you can follow me here.

Georgia is a MAC make-up artist and owns my favourite make-up account on Instagram. Nearly everyday she posts her current make-up look and I immediately want to go out, buy the products and try and recreate it myself. Oh, and she has amazing hair! Beautiful lady and definitely one of my favourites.

 Katrin is a flight attendant and travels the world daily. Every day she uploads new photos of her current destination and her little adventures. Her photos of the Maldives are truly marvelous and I could have wept when I saw them as I walked to work in the pouring rain. She also has a blog which you can read here.

 Kayleigh is one of my favourite fashion and beauty bloggers and one of many girl crushes of mine. She posts wonderful outfit and fashion photos as well as pretty photos of her wonderful new home.

I have a massive girl-crush on Negin Mirsalehi. I love her Instagram page and regularly check it to make sure I haven't missed another exotic location she has traveled to or another enviable outfit I have yet to lust over. Not only is she 'Instagram perfect' but she has a wonderful blog too. You can see it here.

 Kenza is Sweden's biggest fashion and lifestyle blogger. She travels the world and posts photos along her way and everytime I see one of her photos I feel a little more envy. Kenza is truly beautiful and I absolutely adore the photos she uploads.

I think I like every photo this account uploads. It is full of pretty, aesthetically pleasing photographs of peonies, make-up, buildings, Chanel and handbags galore. I get quite envious when I scroll through their feed, everything is so wonderful and luxurious. Heyjayney is definitely one of my favourites. 

Look at the cute little doggy! I can't remember how I stumbled across this Instagrammer but oh my goodness, what a cute little thing. When I am feeling sad I like to look at photos of this pom-eskimo and I always find a smile on my face. If you like cute little dogs then this account is definitely worth a follow. Which leads me on to..

 The beautiful pooch of The Londoner, Custard is the doppelganger  of my dog, Teddy. For that reason whenever Custard posts a cute photo of himself I can't help but squeal and like it. Custard appears to be the well-behaved little man I wish my dog could be so for that I force my dog to sit and look at photos of what he should aspire to be like!

Who are your favourite Instagrammers?

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