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Fashion Trends // Pom Pom Key Rings

Phew. I am pleased I managed to get that off my chest. I have loved them ever since I saw the Kardashian clan walking around with them swinging off their bags and thought "yep I could do me with one of those". That was until I was in Harvey Nichols and picked up one of the ones Kylie Jenner has. I saw the price and swiftly put it down again. To be fair, it was made out of gold.

I was recently in New Look and something cute, small and fluffy caught my eye as I was waiting to pay. Was that..? Is that a...? IT IS! Grey..black..white..black and white.. £3.99?? Oh twist my arm and call me Fred. I bought the grey version but I would really like to get a few different colours too.

Here are a few of my favourites and where you can buy them from.

One // Two // Three
Four // Five // Six
Aren't they cute? I can very well envisage me dashing about in Autumn with a few hanging off my handbag. As they are so cheap I can probably afford to go a little crazy and buy a couple more. 

That's not all though. Shop in the widget below for more! (Look out for the ones with ears!)

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