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Fashion Trends // Denim Skirts

I will let you into a little secret. When I was younger, my Mum used to force me to wear denim skirts and I absolutely hated them. I remember being about 5 years old stood in QS crying as my Mum tried to get me to try on a denim maxi skirt. *shudder*

Whilst my Mum is still a fan of the denim maxi, less said about that the better, I have finally started to warm to denim skirts. I love the range of skirts that are coming out at the moment for A/W, especially the denim button up/down and the zip front. Now we are talking about Autumn Winter, I am also loving the suede textures we are seeing coming out at the moment. I could tell you a story involving myself, my new lovely cream suede boots, a mean person and a muddy puddle but I will let your imagination take you there instead.

Here are a few of my denim skirt faves!

Skirt 1. Skirt 2. Skirt 3.
Skirt 4. Skirt 5. Skirt 6.
Skirt 1. Skirt 2. Skirt 3.
Skirt 4. Skirt 5. Skirt 6.

What do you think? I would really like to get a button up denim mini to stash away for summer and as much as I would love to go for white, I am always very wary of the menstrual cycle (sorry) so I always tend to shy away from white, just in case. Black it is!


  1. I love the denim skirts in Topshop at the mo, and recently purchased one in blue :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird

    1. I still haven't got round to purchasing one! I still really love the suede ones x