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Review // nSpa Pampering Bath Fizzer in Rose Aroma

nSpa Pampering Bath Fizzer - £1.60
I read somewhere that if you don't openly reveal your obsessions to everyone, you will get gifts of candles and bath products as presents at every opportunity. This is the problem my Mum faces, and if she is honest, she doesn't really like either. Luckily for me, her loss is my gain.

It was her birthday a few days ago and she received a lot of bath and shower products as gifts. This is one of them. Enter the nSpa Pampering Bath Fizzer in Rose Aroma. I hadn't heard of either the brand or the product before but after a quick google I have learnt that nSpa create products especially to care for and to de-stress their busy purchasers. Their products are cheap and cheerful and are available exclusively at ASDA.

The nSpa Pampering Bath Fizzer is shaped like a giant gobstopper and wrapped in silver cellophane, tied together with a cute nSpa bow. When all of the packaging is removed the rose scent is evident straight away. It smells wonderfully light, just what you would expect from a bath fizzer that is created to de-stress and relax. Whilst I haven't used too many bath fizzers in my time, I was surprised at how..large it is. If I threw it, it would quite easily break a window or two! Because it is so large, there is no way to break it down so you could get a few uses out of it, you have to use it all.

It does the job of a bath fizzer well. When put under hot water it fizzed and dissolved quickly, which is just what you would expect from a bath fizzer. When dissolved, the rose scent filled my bathroom and for half an hour I was whisked away to some nice, relaxing place a million miles away from real life.

The rose scent lasted on the skin for an hour after I had got out of the bath which was nice but as bath products go, nothing spectacular happened. It did smell really good though!

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