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Personal // Trying To Get Back Into Exercise

Nike Air Relentless 3 Trainers - £35.00
Everyone knows the most perfect way of getting back into exercise after a while is by buying some lovely new shoes. Okay they may not be a chunky cut out boot but trainers still count.

I am really lazy when it comes to exercise. I will do one sit-up then expect results immediately. I don't go to the gym and I go for a run about once a month before getting a stitch and walking home again for a nice little sit down and a relax after all of my hard work. 

When I get into the mood of running then I will go nearly every day until I get bored, stop, then don't do it again for another few weeks. The only reason why I go for a run around my local park is because it is free. I do not enjoy it. I do not enjoy the fresh air. I do not particularly revel in my surroundings. So, why not go to the gym instead? The gym has a variety of different exercises, some of them even involve sitting down which sounds quite nice. 

I have been meaning to get a gym membership for about 6 years now. I say I will but I never do. That was until I was showed around one recently and I thought "wow what a great idea this is" and was about to sign up there and then until the nice young man told me I had to pay a £75 joining fee. I said I would think about it, and I really have, I do want to join. But I was so overwhelmed by the gym experience that I haven't been back since as I am scared.

I then told myself I will join the gym. I will. I just need to buy all of the right clothes first. I slowly started buying some tops, crop tops and sports bra. The final two items on my list were running trainers and a nice swimming costume for the rather inviting swimming pool they have there. I have been looking a pair of trainers for a while until I found the Nike Air Relentless 3 Trainers. I found them in a Nike Factory store for £35 and I was drawn to them because they are hot pink. I don't usually wear pink, in fact I have three items of pink clothing in my entire wardrobe, but these are lovely. If I were looking for excuses not to wear them it would be that they are too pretty to run in!

So, I have my trainers, all I need now is my swimsuit. I have bought a few recently but had to return all of them as they have been unsuitable for various reasons so I am still on the hunt. I will join the gym, regardless. I will. Trust me.

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