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Other // Five Reasons To Be Happy

It took me a shockingly long amount of time to come up with five reasons to be happy. Even then I could only come up with one. The title to that was 'dogs exist'. When you have to write reasons to be happy it is hard. I found myself thinking "am I happy?" I am still unsure of my answer but writing the below really perked up my mood and has made me realise how lucky we are. How lucky we are to be able to experience life. If you have to teach yourself how to be happy then that is okay too. 

1. There is more to life than this.
Yesterday, something really upset me and I won't be ashamed to admit that I did have a little cry over it. Whilst it wasn't over a person and wasn't actually that much of a big deal, at the time it can be something massive to contend with and your mind blows it all out of proportion. But, in the long scheme of things, will life's little niggles matter this time next month? This time next year? Ten years from now? No, of course not. There is more to life than this.

2. We have the ability to change our life.
The world is a big place. There is so much to see! If we wanted to, we could jump on the next plane and never come back. Isn't that exciting? We could quit our jobs tomorrow and train to be something else. Always wanted to be a train driver or cabin crew? Then go for it. I have always promised myself to never live my life by saying "what if?" What if I went to that job interview that pushed me out of my comfort zone? What if I applied for a job abroad? What if?? If something in your life is making you unhappy then you have the ability to change it. 

3. You can make yourself be happy.
Life lasts a long time and no-one gets out of it alive. Life is a long time to be unhappy. We have the ability to spread happiness if we want to, even if we ourselves are feeling a bit down in the dumps. It is all about the little things. The little things may be little, but they matter. Cake, One Direction and my dog make me happy, as do photographs of puppies, posting photos on Instagram, handbags, make-up and writing blog posts. They are the little things but they impact on my mood and have the power to improve a crappy day. We all have some slightly odd things we enjoy, mine being One Direction, but I like them and will continue to like them as they make me happy and nothing anyone can say will change that.

4. We have a purpose.
Whilst we may not be aware of it right now, we all have a purpose in life. It is a bit of a cliche I know, but we are all here for a reason. If you aren't aware of your purpose just yet, you can find it. We are all different and our paths in life all vary. You path in life may be to carry a child, be a florist or to serve for your country. Find your purpose. Once you have found it you can then decide how to reflect happiness through a chosen purpose.

5. We are alive.
This is entirely obvious and perhaps predictable but it is something we should all be grateful for. We are alive. We have the abilities to do all of the above and we shouldn't take it for granted. We are lucky to be alive and to be able to experience the different emotions life throws at us. 

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