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Trips // London, Buckingham Palace and 5SOS (again!)

This weekend just gone my sister, my friend and I had a weekend away in London. Despite living just 1 hour away on the train from London, I never go. I think I always have a mispercetion about it, being full of people, having to get on the tube, battling the tourists....etc etc. And yeah, it actually is just like that but it isn't so bad. We wanted to have a bit of a break and we had booked tickets to see 5 Seconds of Summer at Wembley Arena. Again. 

My sister and I got the train to Paddington on Saturday afternoon and met our friend in the, erm toilets. I forget that you have to pay to use the toilet in London. We hopped on the Bakerloo line to get to Wembley Central before jumping off and hunting down our hotel where we dumped our bags and eagerly headed back in to London to get some lunch and have a little look around. 

We got off at Paddington and walked through Kensington Gardens before ending up at Harrods. We had a little browse through the Food Hall (my favourite bit!) before having a look at the other floors, being careful not to touch anything in case we broke it! We then walked to Buckingham Palace and had a little rest on the steps outside before a naked man on a bike cycled past. Followed by another. And another. Then a lady. Then about 2,000 of their closest naked mates followed. A man, naked, of course, walked up to me and handed me a little leaflet stating they were protesting something about cycling and, did I want a photo of him? My eyes tried not to wonder past his face and I politely declined. It was quite a spectacle I tells ya!

We then ended up on Oxford Street and managed to fit in Forever 21 and Victoria's Secret before our feet started to ache and our tummies started to grumble. After a google, we decided to head to Meat Liquor which was a bit like trying to eat in an Abercrombie & Fitch store. It was so dark and the music was so loud, we felt like grannies. We just wanted a quiet meal and not to be able to feel our teeth vibrate in our mouths.

We decided to head back to Paddington where we saw an Italian restaurant called Bizzarro. As it was a nice evening we got seated outside where we sat for a few hours over white wine, pasta and pizza. It was truly glorious and real value for money. I really recommend the pasta noodles with cream, salmon and vodka!

The next morning we went out to a local bakery for breakfast before heading back into Central London for a day of shopping. We shopped, spent about an hour and a half in Forever 21, again, had tea at Selfridges then went back to Wembley to get ready for the concert. We found lunch at the London Designer Outlet then went to find our seats at Wembley Arena. Once again, 5SOS were amazing, if not better than last week. We were worried it would be cancelled due to the pyro incident but luckily it continued, although they did swap the fire with glitter and confetti. 

The next day we hanged around Regent Street before going our separate ways on the Bakerloo line. I, somehow, managed to pick up a sickness bug between arriving in London and haven't really left my bed since which is a slight worry as I have a flight to catch tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed!

Trips // Cardiff, One Direction and 5SOS

Last weekend my dreams came true and I finally found myself in a room with Harry Styles. See, people, dreams can come true. Okay, so maybe I was also in a room with about 70,000 other people and I had to really squint in order to see Harrys face but still, we were technically together. 

Last weekend my pal and I had a weekend in Cardiff as we had originally booked to see the band 5 Seconds of Summer at the Motorpoint Arena. We thought we we would have a nice relaxing weekend and go shopping but then One Direction announced they were going to play the Millennium Stadium and, well, the temptation got the better of me.

I have been looking forward to this weekend for so long. It is all I have been talking about at work for weeks. I had a countdown app on my phone.. I was excited. Obviously the jokes came. "You will be the oldest one there" "People might ask you where your child is" etc etc. It was totally worth it. And actually, we weren't the oldest people there. There was 4 grown men opposite us having a fantastic time with their beers in their hands.

Queuing up to go into the stadium was rather overwhelming. I have never seen so many thousands of girls in one place before. It was really eye-opening. Whilst we may have not had the best seats in the world, I literally could not see a bloody thing, it was still a great show. I knew the majority of the songs and quite happily jumped up and down like the 5 year old girl sat across from me. She won't admit it but I don't think my friend had as much fun as I did which I think is a shame. Not only were we excited to see 1D, we were also really looking forward to seeing McBusted. I was a massive Busted fan when I was younger - I convinced myself I was going to marry Matt Willis - so being able to see two of my favourite bands in one place was pretty damn cool. Air Hostess really took me back to being 9 years old and listening to it in my little bedroom on my CD player after I got home from school. 

I wasn't sure how great One Direction would be live but seriously, they were incredible. They sounded just like they do on a CD which I think is really rare for an act to do. I think everyone should experience a One Direction concert at some point in their life, ha ha.

The next day we hopped on the train from Cardiff Central to Cardiff Bay. I really wanted to see the, what I can only describe as the building with the Welsh writing on, which is in fact called the Millennium Centre. We then went to see the Torchwood Memorial by the Bay and we had a little sit down and watched the boats go past like the old-fashioned people we are. 

The evening bought as another concert in form of 5 Seconds of Summer at the Motorpoint Arena. Unlike One Direction, we had great seats and we could actually see the band on stage which was a real treat. Again, I sang along and jumped up and down with real enthusiasm - I had a great time!! Also, Michael Clifford and Harry Styles are even hotter in real life.

Sorry for bad quality photos. They are taken from my Instagram account. Follow me here.

Other // The Mindfulness Colouring Book Giveaway

I love colouring in. It is a way of de-stressing, it takes your mind off real life and more importantly, you can see if your coluring in skills have improved since you were a child.

Adult colouring in books have become very popular recently. They make a lovely change to staring at our mobile phones and browsing social networking websites. They calm us down and help soothe anxiety feelings whilst leaving you with something that shows off your hard work.

So I have one to give away.

Just follow the rules in the Rafflecopter below and one of these little beauty's will be on its way to you. Oh, and UK only I'm afraid :(

Good luck! x