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Websites // Printing Instagram Photos With Polargram

Until very recently I didn't have an iPhone. Instead, I relied on my very old Blackberry with it's sticky keys and grainy camera to try and keep me updated with the 21st century. Last year I managed to step into the iPhone world and with an iPhone comes Instagram.

I started uploading lots of photos to Instagram very quickly. Mostly due to my love of the Valencia filter. Before I knew it, I was uploading coffee images along with everyone else. Very soon the iPhone camera became more easy and convenient than my actual camera, so much so that I didn't even take my camera on holiday with me. Instead, I relied on my iPhone and Instagram to keep everyone updated on what I was eating for dinner thousands of miles away.

With all of my holiday photos now on Instagram, I set out for a way to print off my photos so I could frame them or put them in a photo album. With a little bit of a google, I came across Polargram.

Polargram is a website which you connect to your Instagram account. You can then choose which style you would like to get your photo printed on, either Classic or Square then how many photos you would like, either 12, 24 or 48. You can then choose which of your photos you want to be printed. It is really easy to use and as sad as it may be, I had lots of fun choosing which photos I wanted printed!

It took 4 days for my prints to be delivered and I was so excited when they landed on my doorstep. Not only did they arrive with a little sweet, but all 48 photos looked fantastic. I did worry the quality would be altered during the printing process but luckily it wasn't at all. Each photo was clear and up to a very high quality. I was so, so pleased. 

I was also very pleased with the price. At £12.00 for 48 photos with free P&P, I expected, and was prepared, to pay so much more. Prices vary from £6.00 to £12.00 for the prints which is extremely reasonable, especially when the quality is so high. 

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