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Review // Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Coral Crave

Have you ever felt excited about buying something abroad just to get home and find out that you can already get it two minutes away from where you live? Yeah, that happened.

Whilst on my recent little holiday to Washington DC, I braved the -14 degrees temperature and the 9 inches of snow to battle my way to CVS. CVS is our Boots equivalent, although it does have a rather impressive selection of chocolate. I had a wonderful time walking up and down the aisles, having a good old nose through the make-up we can't get at home. I was aware that the cold weather was making my lips incredibly dry and sore so I threw a Maybelline Baby Lips into my basket and hurried on to the sweetie aisle.

I purchased Maybelline's Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Coral Craze. They had a whole variety of Baby Lips, including the Crystal range. I chose the Dr Rescue version in Coral Craze because I wanted something soothing to my sore lips but I wanted a tiny hint of colour to perk up my pale, frozen face.

What Maybelline say about their Baby Lips:
"Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue Medicated Lip Balm provides care that soothes sore lips. With a hint of eucalyptus it combats dryness. Available in natural tints to even out lip tone for healthier-looking lips. In 1 minute, lips feel soothed. In 1 day, lips look less dry. In 1 week, lips are reborn."

Sounds pretty good, huh? When it is minus something silly, you can't feel your hands any more and you are so cold you feel that death may be imminent, this little product could not have been welcomed any warmer. Just like the other Baby Lips products, Coral Craze comes in a twist up see through tube which survived it's little trip home in my suitcase via those pesky baggage handlers and arrived to my door in one piece so it must be made of sturdy materials!

When I opened the tube and applied Coral Craze, I wasn't aware of any smells or fragrances within the product. It was only afterwards when on the lips that I could smell the menthol and feel the lovely, soothing tingles on the lips. 

For a lip balm it does it's job really well. I applied Coral Craze a few times a day to keep my lips hydrated and after a while I could feel my lips were in a much better condition. They were softer and weren't as dry any more, which is great. The only slight let down was the colour. It is called Coral Craze so naturally you would expect a coral shade which it does appear in the bullet but it doesn't transfer onto the lips. Even when swatched on my hand I couldn't really see the coral within the product but in all fairness, I'm not too bothered as I was more after the hydration rather than the tint.

Overall, a great little lip balm which does the job well. I love the little menthol tingles on the lips and although the Coral shade doesn't transfer, the hydration works too well to argue about it!

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