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Review // MAC Paint Pot in Frozen Violet

You know when you put loads of thought and time into buying someone a present for them to turn around and say not only do they already own that present, but they didn't like it to begin with? I had that situation this Christmas.

I bought my sister a MAC Paint Pot, which I was convinced she would love, in the shade Frozen Violet. Frozen Violet is a beautiful frozen purple silver shade with taupe undertones with a beautiful silver shimmer throughout. As soon as I saw it in my nearest Cosmetics Company Outlet Store, I knew she would love it but I didn't expect her to already own it and dislike it. So I did the right thing. I kept it for myself.

I love using MAC Paint Pots as bases for eyeshadow. Painterly is by far the one product I could not live without so I always keen to build up my Paint Pot Collection. I already own Groundwork and Stormy Pink so Frozen Violet is the next shade to be welcomed with open arms. With Groundwork, Painterly and Stormy Pink being fairly matte, Frozen Violet is a nice change to have as a base, as well as on it's own. It is really easy to layer up to build depth on it's own or as a nice base colour for more beautiful, shimmery taupes to be applied on top. 
I did worry about Frozen Violet being a bit OTT to wear everyday, perhaps being preferred to an evening but so far so good. It makes a nice change to wear something a bit different to my usual ashy browns. 

Like the other Paint Pots, Frozen Violet stays put all day and doesn't crease or budge. I did get a tiny bit of glitter fallout but not enough to make it rain.

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